Home, sweet, sweet home!

We’re home!  Team Malawi 2010 has returned, with hearts full and intentions high, for even greater good for God’s most vulnerable children.  We experienced a shroud of protection during our trip, and even our “close-calls” were pre-empted by God’s grace.  I am so thankful to the team who joined together and served the people of Africa.  I will forever share a bond with Conne, Kay, Ann, Kandyce, Judy, Kristin, Beth, Tarrita, and Annie. 

Malawi 2010 031

I am happy to report that we took 6000 dresses and distributed them everywhere we went, including on the porch of a store where we bought our buckets, that we later filled!   Little girls and boys everywhere were blessed by your generosity.  In addition to the dresses, because of your support, we also bought 200 Buckets of Hope, which are brightly colored buckets with lids, to use for washing, carrying water, storing food and everything else. Inside we bought and put salt, sugar, oil, body and laundry soap, vaseline, a mosquito net, and a Bible written in their own language.  We distributed these buckets to the Widows, who work tirelesslessly, to care for children that without them would not survive.  We visited them in their homes and heard their stories and prayed with them.  They encouraged us as we tried to bring them a little joy and hope that they are not forgotten.  We also got Bibles for distribution and we worked in the Crisis Nursery Center with Ministry of Hope.  We ran Bible camps and assisted in a Mobile Medical Unit.  We worked at the Feeding Centers all around Ntcheu and Lilongwe.  Our deepest thanks to Naomi and her team in Ntcheu, and to Kelvin and his team at Ministry of Hope.  What amazing people serve in Malawi.  Their hospitality is unmatched!

It is difficult to even report on all that went on in two short weeks, but a highlight for us was the ribbon cutting ceremony at Thebola of the new Nan Ray Learning Center, named after my mother.  We were greeted by a crowd of singing and dancing children, excited about the hope of their new school.

What was once just a dream, now has 37,000 bricks made and donated by the community and a trench dug for the walls.  WE have a business plan and blue prints.  We have a team working with us in Malawi and big news:  The Head Chief has granted us  permission to build on the land at no charge!  Because of the plans, the village has already received a  brand new well, installed by the government.  Water changes a community like nothing else, trust me! We were also blessed with a visit from the nurse who administered measles vaccinations, all because of the plans to build a primary school there.  The blessings continue to come, as result of your generosity, at a rate that is nothing short of mind-blowing!

It has been almost a week since our return and I am just now beginning to grasp the blessings of this trip.  I’d like to just take a month and ponder God’s grace and his power but I am once again driven to the next goal that I feel has been put in my heart by Him.  Our Dinner Dance and Live Auction, “Changing Lives Here and Across the Ocean” is only 5 short weeks away.  I have tickets available.  I’m begging you to support his event by your attendence, by your auction items and by your sponsorships.  I am even more convinced since our latest trip that this effort is worthwhile and makes a difference here and across the ocean as we all work together to change lives, one little dress at a time.  “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope!” 

Malawi 2010 013

     Beautiful pictures of the trip can be viewed under Dress Distribution on this website and I will add more as they come to me.  Thank you all so much for all you do.  God bless you, Love, Rachel

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