Here Comes October!

chief-and-rachelIt’s been a busy summer and here comes fall!  We have so much to look forward to and hardly have had time to enjoy what we’ve just completed!  Two trips to Malawi this year and both of them amazingly in their own unique way.  We were so happy to return at the end of August with a team of 12 dynamic people.  We were able to spend time near Kasungu at the Village of Linyangwa, as well as be part of a medical day with Ministry of Hope in Kitondo.  We were delighted to stop by and check on the Nancy Ray School of Learning in Ntcheu and see Janet and all the kids in that area and spend a day with Senior Chief Theresa Kachindamoto. It was humbling to be able to share a meal with this woman of change, donned in her leopard skin clothing and traditional beads, carries such a cloak of confident and power that respect comes easily from everyone she meets. It was amazing to see her interact with all of the people both young and old as we walked to the area where we would be part of the ceremony to open and dedicate the well which Little Dresses for Africa was able to provide through your generosity.  Chief Kachindamoto will be our guest and keynote speaker at the BIG DINNER in Michigan 11.12.16 and will be speaking at various gathering during the two weeks that she is here.  We are looking forward to developing a deep working relationship that will change thousands of lives. We encourage you to get your tickets if you are in the area.

Huge thanks to all the locations who are busy planning their own BIG DINNERS.  This day will mark a day of celebration as we join together all over the globe to transform 12 villages in a single night.  I am convinced that we can do it.  Big or small, please be part of this effort.  Go to to register.  You will find all kinds of information and help there or give me a call or send me an email at     Thank you so much for your help.  Be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery of our recent trip.



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