Headed for Nigeria

I never tire of seeing the amazing dresses come in.  Just in the last few days, we have received dresses from all over the world.  Please be encouraged.  We will not run out of kids that need your beautiful dresses and britches.  Without naming them all to list a few: Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconcin, Australia, New Zealand, Texas, Washington, Georgia,  Tennessee, Oklahoma and even Singapore!  …and it goes on and on.  That’s just in the last few days!  Amazing!  Can you imagine anything that brings people together like this in a common goal?  Thank you so much!  I am so humbled by the outpouring of love and support.

And you checks are at work, too. We are so excited to be able to be part of a container going by sea to Nigeria.  The dresses go out every week with mission teams to get to the children that need them most.  We are happy to be sending a large shipment to Nigeria in care of Pastor Chuks Ezewuzie, the President of Jireh Media Ministries International, Inc and the Assistant Pastor of the Christian Assembly. Pastor Chuks works with the disabled in Africa to offer relief.   Pictures will follow as soon as possile, but know that your dresses will go to a segment of the African society that is quite often overlooked and will bring hope.  Thank you for your help!

I was honored to speak on Sunday morning for an extremely hospitable group in Detroit, MI  at the Conant Avenue United Methodist Church.  What an amazing group of people.  Also, another amazing experience to share our story with First Baptist in Wyandotte on Saturday at a fun filled reception and fashion show.  Mike and I also enjoyed a weekend at the W. Middlesex, Pennsylvania Presbyterian Church.  It’s such a great opportunity to get to see all of you and thank you personally for your support.  Thank you all for all the support!  You are making it happen with every little dress and every dollar you send.

Love, Rachel



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