Hawaii Checks in! Mahalo (Thank you!)

September 2, 2015

Dear Precious Supporters,

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a phone interview with a really gracious reporter from Hawaii.Here’s the link if you didn’t see it on facebook: Hawaii TV spot.  The piece was shown in Hawaii regarding a local woman who sews for Little Dresses for Africa. I know a lot of you have helped by getting media coverage and I really appreciate it.  I get a google alert each time and I watch them all!  You are all stars!  It’s really amazing the doors that are opened to keep spreading the word about what we are doing.  Can you imagine what 4 million little girls look like in new dresses?  That’s how many we have sent just from Michigan and I know that some of you are sending your dresses with your mission teams and so the number is hard to count.  And it doesn’t even matter.  God knows the number and God knows these children personally.  We plant the seeds and He sends the harvest.  How amazing to be part of something so simple and yet so powerfully showing His love to the most vulnerable: little girls.

While the number is inspiring and exciting, please keep in mind that we have not even scratched the surface of the need all over the world.  The more we know these beautiful people, the more we want to help.  Please check out the gallery for pictures of Container 2015 that left a week ago.  We are so grateful for all of you for the donated items.  We will be opening our second primary school as soon as the paperwork is completed, as well as the SchoolMaster’s house and the toilets are finished.  So many children will go to school and receive their primary certificate as a result of our combined efforts.  This certificate will allow them to progress to secondary school.

We also have opened ticket sales today for this year’s fund raiser: A Spooktacular Night with Little Dresses for Africa. Tickets are $35/each and includes a full dinner, music, prizes and a silent auction. Not to mention, it is a fun costume party where your creative side can shine.   Please go to the fundraiser tab for details. Tickets can be purchased on the fundraiser tab or from a representative.   Read about it, mark your calendars and plan on joining us.  All proceeds go to shipping costs and projects associated with LDFA.  There will be a silent auction and as always we are looking for your donations.  If you would like to send us something for Oct 24, please send it as soon as possible so we know what we can count on.  Please  include your name and address so I can thank you and also anything about the donated piece that might help us showcase it.  I really do hope that some of you “out-of-towners” will plan for a weekend get away, much like our conference with Nancy Zieman two years ago.  I can’t wait to see you all again.  I hope I can recognize you!

Here’s a little insider information: There will be a big announcement the night of the Costume Party.  Don’t miss it!

Thanks again for all you do.  It’s an exciting time for Little Dresses for Africa.  We have a lot to do and we are going strong.  We have YOU to thank! Hope to see you soon!




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