Hello, Faithful Supporters!

Good Morning,

Laura the ElephantHere in Michigan, we are busy getting ready for the Fund Raiser, with Laura the Elephant, and trying to stay cool.  Lots of letters are going out to many of you with the details of our “Back to School With Laura” campaign details.  If you are able to help sponsor Laura, we would really appreciate it.  We’d love to list your group in the printed booklet that will be distributed to the attendees. I’d love to have every state represented so people can see how everyone together makes this happen!   If not, just enjoy the update.  To date we estimate over 300,000 dresses have gone to 28 countries of Africa as well as many other countries in crisis.  This is no small accomplishment and you should all be very proud of the difference you are making in the lives of little girls and boys.  We continue to get responses back as mission teams report on the distributions.  Thank you so much for those reports.  I encourage you all to check the  “dress distribution” link to see if you get lucky and get a glimpse of your dress.  Keep in mind that with the number going out, it is impossible to get pictures of all of them, but they are still doing their mission.  So, please don’t be discouraged!  Rest assured that they are getting to the children and they are making them very happy.

We are also told that many, many churches are sending them directly to their missionaries, so this ministry continues to grow, and only God knows the number of lives that are being touched.  Thank you to all of you who are helping with shipping costs.  It remains our biggest challenge but the Lord does provide through so many of you.  Obviously, with this many dresses coming into an organization run completely by volunteers, please do everything you can to help us get them to the children.  If at all possible, please separate and size them.  If you don’t have 2 gallon bags, just mark the sizes or wrap a ribbon and a note around them…anything to help us not have to size them when they get here.  Also, please NO STRAIGHT PINS!  Ouch!  Although we appreciate your notes, please put them inside the box, not attached with straight pins.   By the time they are sorts, sized and packaged, it’s next to impossible to keep them on the dresses.  Also, thank you for keeping in mind the temperature of the areas to which these are going.  It’s a warm, dry climate, so cotton and cotton blends work the best.  With or without sleeves is also fine.  Any pattern is fine, but please avoid buttons and zippers.  These children, most of which are raising themselves, do not have any way to fix a button or a zipper. 

The love that is shown in these little dresses is nothing short of amazing.  They continue to arrive by the hundreds, and are beautiful beyond words.  Your love is apparent in how you personalize them, and the very kind notes that you write.  Thank you so much for all you do.  Enjoy the warm weather, and remember that across the ocean, many little children are blessed because of YOU! 

Love, Rachel

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