Happy Holidays and Packaging Update

I certainly hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays as much as I did.  After a tremendous work crew helped size and package the 1400 dresses that came in last month, my family and I took off for the south for a few days for rest and relaxation.  By the way, if you are sending dresses and are able to go ahead and size them before you send them, it is a tremendous help.  The sizes are listed on the pattern page on this site or you can just write the measurement from shoulder to hem and we’ll take it from there.  We have found packaging them in 2 gallon ziplop bags works the best.  We can get about 10-15 of the same size in each  bag depending on the size of dress.  Call me or write me if you have questions on this and it will really help us get these dresses out quickly.   Thanks in advance!   We have heard that dresses have gone to Southern Sudan and we are waiting for pictures to show you as soon as we get them.  We also got notice that the dresses in South Africa and Tanzania were received with great joy and excitement.  The other boxes we sent to Uganda, Malawi and Kenya should be there soon.  It’s so exciting to hear when they arrive.  I have mailed the LDFA 2009 Winter update to those emails that I have on file.  If you’d like to receive one for yourself or to pass on to others, please let me know through the contact section on this page and I’ll get it to you.  It’s a great time of year to remind people that we need help and that together we really can make a difference, one little dress at a time!  Thank you all so much for all you do and Happy Holidays!  Love and gratitude, Rachel

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