Happy Halloween!

It’s been great to hear from so many of you and see how things continue to grow.  Because of our great success at the Fund Raiser and because of so many of you helping in so many ways, we are really getting the dresses out to the kids right now.  Thank you to those of you who have taken dresses or arranged for them to be sent with the mission teams that are traveling to send relief.  Thank you to those of you who have had your mission groups contact me to begin the arrangements to get the dresses to the kids.  Please continue to contact your mission teams to see if they’d like to receive some dresses for their kids or if a team can take them as they travel as extra bags.  I will mail them domestically or internationally.

We are also receiving “britches for boys” which is really nice, too.  No pattern is available for this but any simple elastic shorts works well in all sizes. 

One of our dedicated workers has passed along that you can order the bias tape from jkmribbon@jkmribbonandtrims.com and get 50 yards for $15.00.   The bias tape is a coveted commodity for these dresses so if this is something that will help your group, pass it on.  Thanks, Suette for this information and for all you do to help! 

Thanks as always to Conne for helping to get the word out.  Conne has spoken at several events for me during the day hours since I’m only available in the evenings to speak to groups.  We continue to get requests for community groups, schools and churches who would like to be part of helping the children.  Thank you to all of you and especially the teachers who are training the children to be aware of others and showing them that they can help even at very young ages.  I know this is going on all over the country and it is gratifying to know that it is because all of you are passing this on to others.   We received dresses from a class in Belleville, Michigan last week.

I continue to be grateful for all you do!  Zikomo!


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