Happy Ground Hog’s Day! Think Spring!

I was going through the data base today and it once again caused me to stop in amazement at the incredible number of people involved in making this happen. It was amazing to see all 50 states that have sent dresses.  Also very cool to see them coming now from the UK and Australia and Canada and Mexico.  Churches, schools, community groups, individual sewers, young children, seniors and on and on it goes!

   Once again, I have tothank you for your support and involvement.  None of us will ever know the lives that have been touched on this and the other side of the ocean as we work together.  In the last couple of days we sent out 20 boxes to various groups who will be traveling and some boxes directly to Africa.  To make this happen, we needed the people that sewed the dresses, or donated materials so that someone could sew.  We needed the people who mailed the boxes to us and those that help send the notes back to the sewers that we received the dresses. We needed that good looking guy (my husband) that takes them from our porch over to the Love Shack.  The amazing volunteers that open the boxes, sort and sizes the dresses and shorts, package them for shipping.  Then we print the postage (and someone has sent money or raised money to pay for all this shipping cost) and someone pulls out the boxes that we need to mail to each request and then comes the awesome postal carriers who pick them up and take them for delivery.  It doesn’t stop there!  Then it takes the amazing people who volunteer to carry them in their bags and distribute them in the Villages.  Whew!  All of that would be way too much for one person because I’ve only listed a portion of what goes on.  I could literally continue for a much longer time, but you get the point:  Together, we make this happen. 

I have no idea where this year will take us, but I am ready for the challenge!  Doors continue to open and I am so excited to see what comes next.  This year’s project is “A Well for Janet”.  I can’t wait to see the impact clean water will make for the Village of Kachimanga and who knows where else!  Our team is preparing for a trip in August 2013.  We go to represent all of you and the hard work that you continue to do for the children.  Thank you so much!  Think Spring!  It’s coming! 



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