Happy Friday!

As the weekend approaches, I am once again, filled with gratitude and amazement, at the unbelievable support that continues to come our way.  Surprises come in the form of a group of ladies that drove over two hours to come help us open boxes, size, box and ship thousands of dresses last night.  They worked like crazy and got it done!  Another surprise was a $300 check from someone I don’t even know, saying, she was allowed to apply for a donation for the charity of her choice through her work for any volunteer work that she does.  Other surprises include, going to church at MetroSouth and seeing a huge pile of school supplies that our church has brought in for the kids at the school in Thobola.   It goes on and on, and I continue to be amazed and humbled.  Please, please know that I represent so many of you doing so much and together we really are making a difference in the lives of thousands and thousands of children.  Next Friday, my husband and I will go to San Diego, compliments of the Classy Awards, and Southwest Airlines, as a top three finalists for the Small Charity of the Year, on YOUR behalf.  Although awards are nice and I have to admit, that I like them, the big news here is that if we win, there’s a $15,000 prize!  That’s the cost of a container or a number of other projects.  We also have the opportunity to meet other people doing great things and learn from them.  Thank you so much for all you continue to do. 

With love and gratitude,


M o r e   i n f o