Happy 100th Birthday, Ms. Lillian


Today is the day that Ms Lillian Weber turns 100 years old.  She made a personal goal to sew 1000 dresses before her 100th birthday and she has not only reached that goal but passed it.  And she is still sewing up a storm.  We are so grateful for Ms. Lillian and all the “Ms Lillians” around the world that are so dedicated to this ministry.  Lives are changed here and across the ocean as we join together to honor little girls, one little dress at a time.  Thank you to every one of you, and Happy Birthday, Ms. Lillian.

Donations are welcome to the Lillian Weber Shipping Fund.   Love, Rachel


Here’s the article written by Jim Mertens, the original writer to bring this story to the public!  Jim really captures the “heart” of this ministry and we are so grateful to him for helping spread the word!


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