Greek Philoptochos National Convention Connects With LDFA

       This is exactly how it is supposed to work!   Every time I wonder how these dresses will continue to get to the little girls, it works out! 
       For a little background: In October, I was invited to speak to a group in Westland, Michigan.  At the breakfast meeting, I met some wonderful people who have promised to sew and will also spread the word of our project for the children.  From that meeting I met a lovely lady, Panorea Katsikas,  who mentioned a relative that lives in Malawi and might be able to receive and distribute the little dresses.  
       Just yesterday I called Blantyre, Malawi and spoke to her relative, Rev Father Ermalaod Eatrou. He is excited to receive the dresses and shorts for the children in his orphanage.  We will be sending them this weekend.  As I spoke to Panorea on the phone to tell her it was going to work out, she put her mother on the phone to thank us all for our work in Africa.  I pass that thanks on to all of you who sew and donate supplies.  I am so honored to be in partnership with all of you! 
      This is how it works!!!   Let’s keep thinking of ways to get the dresses to Africa.  Please speak to your mission groups that are going and to contacts that you have so that we can continue to bless others with your beautiful work!  Thank you so much!  Isn’t this exciting?  Have a great weekend! 
Love and blessings,
Greek Orthodox Philoptochos National Convention Greek Orthodox Philoptochos National Convention
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