Ginea Bissau, West Africa

Here’s a great story: Last year we were contacted by a beautiful lady, Devon, who had traced her ancestry to West Africa. She was determined to get some little dresses to the girls in the area of her ancestors. We were so happy to help make that happen. Things worked together and she was able to go there. Below is her note and also pictures of the girls with their beautiful new dresses and the sunglasses that she brought. What a joyful sight this must have been.

“Rachel – here are some photos from our photo fashion show with the little girls from the Casa Emanuel Orphanage in Guinea Bissau W Africa. After having my DNA traced to Guinea Bissau (the 4th poorest country in the world) I was able to make a trip there and actually see my ancestral homeland and the little girls you sent my group’s dresses to some 8 long months ago! We will continue to instill pride in the little girls of Guinea Bissau and hope to add a project to put the local women of the village to work making the dresses. They are going to need some sewing machines so that maybe that will be my next hurdle. Thank you for all you do!! Devon”

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