The below was taken from a blog that was sent to me.  A group had gone to Ghana to build relationships and support the stop of Slave Traffic.  They ran across the little girl shown below, wearing just a pair of panties.  They were able to give her one of your little dresses.  Don’t ever think for a minute that your work doesn’t matter.  It matters all over the world.  It sure did to this little girl! 

“One little girl had been on shore when we arrived, and stayed even as we approached. She was only wearing a pair of tattered underwear, so we looked through the bag of pillowcase dresses we had been given by our friend Gina, and gave her a blue one of her own. Her face lit up and she stood a little straighter as she wore it. It put a smile to our face after the emotions of the past few hours.”

“We had come prepared to minister to even more children we made our way to where Richard* was being held.  This precious little girl received one of our dresses, and while she was a little timid and perhaps afraid of us, she clutched her dress tightly, and we hoped that the cheerful design would brighten her days a little.”

M o r e   i n f o