Feels Like Spring!

1000 story badge 2016It feels like Spring in Michigan today…emphasis on the word “today”!  We know it’s too early to last but we will enjoy it for today!  Just a quick update on a couple of things:  We are getting people signed up for The BIG DINNER and it’s so wonderful to know in advance that it is going to be a glorious night.  Thank you all for helping make this happen.  It will be an amazing testimony all across the nation and across the ocean from us.  We have 54 locations so far but I’d like to have 500 so please don’t be shy.  Big or small, fancy or simple…it’s all about making it happen for the children.  Our goal is to transform 12 Villages in a single night with dinner parties held all over the world on 11.12.16.  That’s November 12, 2016 in your city!  Will you help us by hosting a dinner party in your home, church, community center or hall?  We have provided tons of help, suggestions for a successful party, printable posters, tickets and invitations, pictures and so much more for your use!  Please register today at www.ldfaconnect.com and go to The Big Dinner.  With your support we will provide a well, a primary school and a community center in 12 Villages… or more!!!  We are so grateful for your help!  HOPE starts with YOU!    

Another very cool thing is that our story was chosen to be one of the 1000 stories shared by women entrepreneurs. We are always so grateful for any media that can spread the message of our mission.  We are grateful to The Story Exchange for choosing us!  Read the story here: http://thestoryexchange.org/rachel-oneill/ 

We are about 6 weeks from a trip to Africa where we will be going to scout out some new villages to help with the support raised from the BIG DINNER.  Your prayers are appreciated.  We will be traveling with a core group of people who are familiar with Malawi and will be hitting the ground running.  Also with us will be a film producer, Vicki Vasilopoulos, who is working on a documentary film featuring Little Dresses for Africa.  Her anticipated release date is 2017 and is called “The Little Dress: A Journey of Hope”.  Watch for updates on that project which we pray will further our cause for the children.

As always, thank you so much for your dedicated support and love for the children.

Love, Rachel 

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