Dresses to Send!

We have been blessed abundantly!  I can’t begin to describe the beauty and the love stitched in every little dress that arrives each day from all over the United States and Canada.  Thank you one and all.  I am having a bit of a problem catching up with my “thank you” notes.  I’m in the process of developing a way to list on line where they arrive from so you can check each week to see when I got yours.  It would really save time and also a lot of mailing costs.  I never dreamed that this would grow the way it has when I first started dropping notes to all of you.  Stay tuned on that.   Until then, please be patient with me. 

I continue to need the names and addresses of your mission groups that can take dresses with them to the countries that they serve.  Please have them contact me.   We’ll get some dresses to them.   I also have been contacted by Nancy’s Notions again and they are ready to send more dresses.  Let me know your mission sites and we’ll get them there.  Huge thanks to Nancy and her team for sending over 8000 dresses so far and ready to send out another 2000.   They are amazing!!!!  We are so grateful for the help.

We’re really looking forward to the Nov 13, 2010 “Changing Lives Here and Across the Ocean” Dinner Dance and Live Auction.  Things are working out great so far and the excitement is growing.  Be sure to get your tickets if you are in the area.  Contact me through the webpage or facebook and I’ll get them to you.  We will be focusing on the work that is done right here in our country this year and celebrating the successes across the ocean.  Tickets are $38/each and it’s a great night that makes a difference.  100% goes to the organization and we are hoping to get sponsors to cover the dinner for us.  Please join us!  It’s your night to celebrate. 

Thanks to you all,


M o r e   i n f o