Count Down To The BIG DINNER…11.12.16


Take a minute and listen to the words to our theme song, “Send Down”.  If anything ever described our purpose, this beautiful song does.  Do me a favor and purchase the download and play it over and over so that our mission is in the forefront of your mind.  “…keep giving God all the glory.”

We are definitely on the count down to November 12, 2016.  Lots of planning and work has gone into this exciting day and it is OH SO WORTH IT!!!  Can you just imagine the lives that will be changed forever because of our efforts?   Transforming 12 villages in a single night with clean water, primary education and a community meeting center.  Thank you in advance for what is already a successful event!  Be sure to tell people why we focus on these 3 thingsClean water saves lives immediately and frees up the time that the little ones would have to spend carrying water long distances, and prevents them from stopping at contaminated streams for water because it’s closer and easier.  Primary Education ensures that children will earn the necessary primary letter of completion which will allow them to continue to secondary school.  Since they often have no one to encourage them on, it’s especially important to orphans and child-headed families to have primary education near where they live.  A community meeting center allows the village a place to gather for worship, and to exchange information, host a mobile medical clinic while it protects them from the harsh sun or shelter during the difficult rainy season.  These 3 projects have been identified through your beautiful little dresses and will make a lasting difference in the lives of thousands.  Thank you seems too small a phrase, but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  To God be the glory!

Remember, Rome Raffle tickets are available while they last until the eve of the BIG DINNER.  The winner of this incredibly generous offer by Myra Moreland, a dedicated humanitarian and friend, will be announced at the BIG DINNER.  Tickets are $100 with a limit of 150. Your chances are great to win.   100% of the money goes directly to the BIG DINNER.   Rome Raffle is a don’t miss!  We will send your tickets as soon as you register/purchase on line. 6Days/5Nights in Italy and $1000 voucher for travel.  This incredible donation is valued at $4000 but the memories will be priceless!   Thank you so much!  If you are hosting a Big Dinner, your DVDs to show at your event will be there soon!  Be sure to share your pictures and stories!  Also remember if your friends can’t attend, they can still donate on line.



Limited to 150 entries. $100/each

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