Container ships! Distribution Center is going up!

It’s Monday morning, May 19, 2014!  Our second 40ft container has shipped and God willing, in 72 days or so it will arrive in Malawi.  I’m so humbled when I think about the people who are part of this success.  Hundreds of people donated items through my precious home church, MetroCity.  Thousands of people sent their little dresses and britches for boys from all over the country.  I can’t help but think of specific people who made it their mission to get us items that we specifically requested:  lots of shoes, homemade chalk boards for the school, teacher’s desks, wedding dresses, bikes and so much more.  I can’t begin to tell you how the people of Malawi will be blessed.  We will be housing it at our new Distribution center so that we can share with more people.  A very small group of us will go in September to finalize the center and arrange to release the container and then a larger group will go in March 2015.  We are very excited about our plans.

God continues to lead us from project to the next.  As you know, we are really counting on lots and lots of you to sign up and/or support, an insanely fun mud run in Michigan to raise money to pay for the shipping of the container.  We need your support in a serious way!  Also, when we are in Malawi in September we will hopefully be unloading the new soccer nets and poles and equipment from the container and setting up the new field at the Nan Ray School of Learning.  Our friend, Naomi will be supervising that project to clear the field with the locals of that community and we will have a soccer team at the school.  We are so grateful for the Northville Presbyterian Church for raising the money for the project and gathering supplies.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show our love and offer them an opportunity to work and play together.

We will also be opening our second well in September and are finalizing the numbers on that right now.  Lots going on and still much more to do.  Please continue to support the projects you are called to support as well as the thousands of gorgeous dresses that you send to us.  We so delighted with the progress and so thankful to YOU for making it happen.




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