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Don’t forget great gifts at the

If you would like to help us get dresses to Africa, please click here for more information and our recipient contact form: 2014 Shipping letter for requested dresses and shorts.

Please mail all dresses to:
Don’t forget to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can let you know your dresses were received.
Little Dresses for Africa
24614 Curtis Dr.
Brownstown, MI 48134 USA
Italian sewers!   Dresses can be sent to:
Sabrina Coccoloni Viale a Rosa del Tirreno 19 57127 Livorno
Cell: 3397924228 Facebook page: Little Dresses for Africa Italia and sewing GROUP on Facebook: Little Dresses for Africa Italia cuciamo.
Australian sewers! Contact Bec Draper in Australia
Dresses can be sent to:
Bec Draper: Nardoo Station, Via Wanaaring NSW 2840
Facebook page:  Little Dresses for Africa- Australia
For a UK mailing address! Contact Nicole Watson in England;
  Facebook Little Dresses for Africa- UK
For a mailing address in The Netherlands!  Contact Liz Wassenaar


Sewers in Canada can send dresses  for direct distribution to:
We do not have direct contact with where the dresses go but you are welcome to send them to Disaster Aid Canada and deal directly with them if you are interested.  Sorry, we cannot let you know if they were received as they are an independent humanitarian project that has agreed to take them with their relief kits to places in need.
426 William Street, Victoria
BC, Canada
V9A 3Y9
You can reach us by phone at 734-637-9064 or 734-789-7182

or you may complete the following:









      DVD Media:
      If you are planning on presenting Little Dresses for Africa to a large group and would like to receive a Promotional DVD,
      we would love to hear more about what great things you are doing… please email us at to request a DVD.
      In your email, be sure to include how you are using the DVD and your shipping address.