Classy Awards in San Diego, CA

I find myself on a plane, having been flown to San Diego for the Classy Awards this weekend.  First of all, grateful for the free ticket, (thanks, Southwest!) secondly, amazed that I can be on line and answering email from my coveted “middle” seat (I forgot to sign in yesterday due to the excitement!)  The Classy Awards did not result in the prize money for which we hoped and worked.  I have to admit to being disappointed, but in all fairness, there was some incredible competition at the awards. My husband and I were treated well, and had the bonus of being with my best friend and her husband.   I’ll take a moment to thank Donna and Joe for coming, as well as Donna being my right hand in data entry.  So many things contribute to the success of Little Dresses for Africa and Donna is a good example of the importance of behind the scenes support.  When your packages are received, the return addresses or SASE are scanned and sent to Donna who enters them, without complaint, week after week.  So many tasks like this go on behind the scenes, and once again I pause to thank all of you for your support!

What I found overwhelmingly at the Awards weekend, is that there are a ton of really good people doing really good things. There are a lot of people, both young and old, who are giving their all to make a difference world wide.  Although, the prize money would have been a much needed bonus, we are reminded that this is not our ministry.  This has always and continues to belong to God and he has grown it to connect thousands of churches, communities, schools and individuals, to hundreds o thousand of children and their care takers all across the world.  I believe that he will continue to provide for our needs.  I believe that we still have a lot to do to honor Him and I believe you are all amazing.  Once again, I thank you for your continued support.

Love and thanks, Rachel 

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