Central African Republic

I just wanted to send you some quotes from a detailed report we received today from our partner in Central African Republic, Pastor Honoré Boundou. He had requested another shipment of LDFA in the Fall, which was duly received and distributed over the Christmas season in conjunction with special children’s ministry outreaches (apologies for the poor photo attached – taken by a cell phone so better than nothing!)

Keep up the great work!
Pastor Honoré writes:

On Tuesday 11 December, we went to the pediatrics hospital to pray with children and give them some sweets, biscuits, soaps, dresses we got from Rachel – Little Dresses for Africa.

On Wednesday 12, we attended 100 Logements Primary School. The great work was done there. We attended more than 400 pupils with the Gospel. We gave booklets to all of them. We gave ten pairs of socks and ten dresses to those who answered correctly our Biblical puzzles and quiz. It was a fun and a great blessing to all of them and all the way they were fighting to answer our quiz. The Director and his staff asked us to come and preach there any time we can. More than 100 made a decision for Christ.

On Saturday 22, we celebrated Christmas at CEERCA site. We sang, worshipped, danced, shared some food with the congregation. Four village Chiefs attended our celebration and more than 50 people came to the celebration. This is the second Christmas celebration on our site and this is the first time we share food with orphans and other people there. During the celebration, I preached, present CEERCA program, talked about you and your family and our project of water, school and hospital and asked people to pray for you. Then, we distributed LDFA dresses, socks, short pants, sweets, biscuits, soaps, leaflets, booklets and juice to 27 orphans. After that, we shared food together.

Four village chiefs, four pastors and two deacons from other churches attended the celebration and we worshipped together. It was a special time for us. At the end of the celebration, the Chiefs and the pastors expressed their gratitude to the Lord, to you and to all the people who helped us achieve this objective. One orphan thanks you all for your prayer and love for the people in Africa. What was pitiable is that there was a widow who has 5 kids in her charge. She is very engaged in the Lord and she is living in a very hard situation with just one bedroom. We gave her some more dresses for the kids and some pieces of soap. It was a joy to share the love and joy of Jesus with us, according to her testimony.

We now have 20 dresses left that we keep to distribute after a children’s ministry training session that is planned for February 2013….

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