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Helping each other. It takes all of us to get the job done!

Dear Rachel,      I pray that you made it safely to your next destination and had deep refreshment from your conference in KY.  We made it back to Berea fine and stored the precious clothes in the upper room at the little church where we attend—Great Commission Outreach and will repack them shortly in 35 gal plastic barrels for Haiti.  Thank you once again for your incredible kindness and generosity in getting these together, bringing them with you, and perhaps things we will never know…. Thank you. 

The little children in Haiti are so very, very poor—as I know that you understand.  Many people donate clothing that is often old and worn out—but these are crisp and new…and made with them in mind—Christian hands sewed their little stitches and the goodwill of others who want to be all for Christ, donated their energy, money and time to make these new little dresses and britches available.  I will be in touch, and share pictures once back from Haiti. 

Be very well and I’m sure that we will meet again, if not on this earth, in Glory after.   

In Christ,   Lori, Kentucky

Snippet from Kenya

The Lord God, Our Father and His beloved, precious Son, Jesus Christ shine on you, Little Dresses For Africa and all who made it possible for us to receive the clothes that you generously and thoughtfully donated to us. They fitted well, brought joy, radiance and gladness to our “children and the estate where we reside. Everybody kept asking where we had bought such wonderful clothes . Our children looked adorable in them. The three you sent to the care- giver did fit well and everywoman in the estate admires and envies her. We appreciate and keep thanking God for you and your organization. We have even a small corner in our house named”Rachael corner” sothat you become in our thoughts and prayers.
Gold and silver, my sister, we have non to send, but count our prayers and best wishes. Iwill soon send a photo of our kids to you to see. The prayewrs of a righteous man has got effect and power. We will continue to cherish you and love you for taking away our sorropw, shame and hopeless. May God provide in abundance in everything for you sothat we may receive another batch, probably around 1ST week of December sothat as other children enjoy their new clothes, We also have these “unique clothes for them.
Pastor Martin

A few months ago, I wrote you about making pillow case dresses and taking them with me(originally I was going to Kenya) to Uganda in April. I am going with Operation Christmas Child on a shoe box distribution. A few ladies from my church have gotten together weekly to sew and fellowship. We now have 276 little dresses – far more than I will be able to pack in my luggage!  I will probably put most of the others in shoe boxes next November. But I want you to know what a blessing it has been to make these dresses! Over the weeks our “designers” really got busy and we have some delightfully decorated dresses – and we have woven our own  little stories around each dress. Did you know that the arm hole cut outs make perfect little pockets on the dresses?

Just wanted you to know that about 200 dresses and 50 pairs of little boys shorts will be heading out for Uganda soon.

God bless you – this is an amazing project!

Cheri M.

Area Coordinator OCC Team Wenatchee, WA

If I am able to get some pictures, I will send them to you.

Papua New Guinea

I received the box of dresses today.  They are gorgeous and I know the little girls in Papua New Guinea will be so excited.  I wish I could be there to see their faces.  May God bless you much.  Audry


It has been my joy to make these dresses for little girls all over the world and it is my hope that they will know that people in the United States care about them.  Thank you for doing this wonderful work and I know you are truly blessed for it.  I have enclosed a check to help with shipping.  Thank you.  Judy in California

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If you’d like verification that your dresses were received, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
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