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Papua New Guinea

I received the box of dresses today.  They are gorgeous and I know the little girls in Papua New Guinea will be so excited.  I wish I could be there to see their faces.  May God bless you much.  Audry


It has been my joy to make these dresses for little girls all over the world and it is my hope that they will know that people in the United States care about them.  Thank you for doing this wonderful work and I know you are truly blessed for it.  I have enclosed a check to help with shipping.  Thank you.  Judy in California


Dear Rachel,

I wanted to let you know that the village in Isiolo, Kenya received the package of clothing and they were so delighted!  Their leader, Chili, said they were so happy, she wished she had a camera to send us the pictures of the children’s faces!

A huge thank you to you and all of the people that make this wonderful cause successful!!!!



These dresses were prayerfully and lovingly sewn by ladies of the Agape Circle, Congregation, and friends of Immanuel Presbyterian church in Tucson, Arizona. We pray that the girls and young women who receive them will feel God’s love and will be comforted and strengthened by His grace.

Tucson, AZ

Here are a few dresses that my friend and I made last summer. We hope they brighten the faces of some little girls, as they sure helped brighten our day to make them. We pray for God’s blessings on your important mission.
In praise and thanksgiving.

Enclosed find 8 dresses. They are sized and packaged and a check is enclosed for shipping…
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help and for giving me the opportunity to teach my granddaughters to sew ehile at the same time making a valuable contribution. The girls felt like they ere doing soemthing worthwhile with their time.

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Dear Rachel, I am thrilled that God has allowed me to be part of all He is doing through you and your beautiful work with Little Dresses for Africa. Thank you for sharing your heart with so many and thank you for being a friend to me!
Katie Baxter
Lia Sophia

I hope you like my dresses that I made with so much love for 65 sweet little girls.

I just wanted to drop a note to brag on my mom. She’s 88 years old and vision impaired. This box of dresses completes 121 that she’s sent over the last few years.

Dear Rachel and Friends,
Here are more Little Dresses for Africa. We really enjoyed making them. It was one of our most successful endeavors this year. We realize that shipping these dresses to the girls in need requires postage. Please accept our small donation to assist with shipping costs.
Delta Omega Chaper, Chi State, Delta Kappa Gamma International Society of Key women Educators

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If you’d like verification that your dresses were received, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Little Dresses for Africa
24614 Curtis Dr.
Brownstown, MI 48134

You can reach us by phone at 734-637-9064