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Thank You from Gulu

“Please accept my donation to help with your wonderful mission.  Our Presbyterian Women at Delmont have made and sent dresses and flip flops…

While shopping for christmas gifts for my own chilren and grandchildren I remembered your work and the many families and children that await yiour organization’s help!  God bless and Merry Christmas!   In His Christian Love,

JL. Pennsylvania “

Women at the Well

This letter  was received from an amazing group of women who worship at the Women at the Well Congregation, located inside the Iowa Correctional Institute for Women.  It is truly a “widow’s mite” story of giving and we are grateful for their generosity.

“To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed please find a check for $107.12 that represents a month of offerings from the Women at the Well congregation.  The women who attend this church are inmates at the Iowa Correctionl Institution for Women, in Mitchellville, Iowa. Each month our Church Council selects a charity to receive their offerings and to be held in prayer by the congregation.  They enthusiastically chose your organization for their offerings during September 2013.”   “While we wish the amount of our gift could be more, please know that most of our members earn between $0.22 and $0.45 per hour.  It is with this meager wage that they are required to purchase all of their personal items, hygiene products and of course, make any donations to charity.  Please know that every cent that they have chosen to give to you is truly a “widow’s mite”.

We pray that this gift may touch someone’s life with the love of God. ”

Pastor Lee Schott

Singapore! and Maple Grove, MN and more

Sorry that we have not been sewing for a long while.  I managed to start again and here are the dresses.  I hope this small contribution will bring joys to some little girls in Africa.  “We are sewing dresses and sending HOPE.”   God Bless

Sharon Han, Singpore


May God bless the children that wear these dresses.

Faith Lutheran Ladies, prescott, MI


I enjoy sewing and knowing that some little girl will get one of these dresses makes it even more enjoyable.  I appreciate the opportunity to do this.

Janet, Woodstock, IL


Enclosed is our donation totaling $604!  Our god chicks Bible study group was proud to make 129 dresses and donated shipping costs to cover them.  We are so proud of our little dresses that last sunday we displayed them in church to show our congregation what we had been up to.  They were moved to gice a love offering to help with the shipping of even MORE dresses.  God has blessed us above and beyond and we are happy to be able to share the love.

Looking forward to what you hae planned for 2014.  We will be watching the website.

Maple Grove, MN



Reaching 100!!!!

Since I began sewing this summer for the beautiful girls that LDFA serves, I took a photo of each dress I made. I had two goals: 1)No two would be exactly alike. I use some of the same fabrics, of course, but it seemed important to me to make each dress as unique as I could for the one-of-a-kind girl that would wear it. 2) I wanted to complete 100 “littledresses” by Christmas of this year.

Well, I my promise to myself and each dress is an “original” but I finished the FIRST 100 on the eve of Columbus Day, instead!:-)

As I told Rachel today by phone – and as you ALL know oh so well – we who sew at home for girls a need even one pretty, modest, comfortable, well-made dress could NOT do this work alone. Donations of gift cards, fabric, rick rack, bias tape, checks for postage made out to LDFA – all from friends and family who “got it” about this important mission have made all the difference. Add their love, support, encouragement and prayers? How could I NOT make my goal?!

Wow. And this was the SHORT version . . . what can I say? I am humbled and delighted to be a part of something SO big and important. Bless you, LDFA, bless all of you who help even one child see themselves the way God sees them. . . beautiful and cherished.

PS Dresses 81-90 were hand-delivered to Joseph Lubega of Bulamu Children’s Village, Uganda as he visited the USA for the first time. A mutual friend, Becki DeVries, introduced us at my school (I’m a teaching assistant) and he took my dresses home to Africa. Brother Joseph sent me this amazing photo of five of his “children” wearing their new clothes and I can tell you I shed a lot of grateful, humble tears . . . and now, Rachel is helping me send enough dresses to outfit their small orphanage and school!

God is good, and so is Little Dresses for Africa! Keep up the GREAT work, ya’ll!

Cindy Sterling
Brentwood, TN
cindy lamb sterling on facebook

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If you’d like verification that your dresses were received, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Little Dresses for Africa
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You can reach us by phone at 734-637-9064