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July 7, 2014. It’s hard to believe that it’s already July 7th! One month from tomorrow we will be at the Sending Hope Conference, featuring the one and only Nancy Zieman, of “Sewing With Nancy”. I have to take a moment and tell you how honored I am to host her as our VIP speaker. She is so gracious to make time in her schedule for us. And even more importantly, I can’t begin to tell you the blessing she has been to so many. She continues to spread the word far and near about what we do with LDFA and has shipped us over 75,000 dresses and britches and spread the word to countless others who are now sewing for us. Lives are touched and changed because she cares. Please help me honor her by attending the conference and hearing her story.

The Conference begins at 5pm on Friday, August 8 with a meet and greet with Nancy, followed by dinner and then a late night pajama party with prizes for the best pajamas! Saturday offers a number of incredible speakers and breakout sessions and it is your choice what you attend or take part in. Food all weekend is included with the price of registration. It’s a great time to meet your friends. We have attendees from 14 states so far and I am so excited to meet you!

Some of the highlights are Beth Waterson who lived in India for 8 years and works with the rescue of girls from Sex Trade. Her stories will blow your mind. Michael Mchawa is coming from Malawi and will give us a first hand report on how your dresses are changing lives. Jan from Arizona will speak on turning success to Significance. Jan is a certificed Financial planner and her knowledge is amazing and her spirit is even more amazing. A very dear friend, Katie Dorband will bring her music and her story of adopting two precious babies from Rwanda. We have breakout sessions to learn about the sani-panti program and Beads on a Mission and hands on crafts with Casey and her gratitude books and Cheryl with her Brave girl cards and the knowledge that these ladies bring.

Your choices are many and the opportunities are amazing but here’s the real point: Your registration fee will go to ship thousands and thousands of little dresses that have been sewn and donated from all over the world. Your money will go 100% to fund the feeding programs and to support the work we are doing all over Africa. Talk about a win/win. Shipshewana, Indiana is beautiful and relaxing and offers so much to see. Please join us. I can’t wait to meet you. Bring a group; buy 5 registrations and receive one free. Make it a getaway. See you there! Please register today! Love and thanks, Rachel

Nancy Zieman interviews Rachel O’Neill

Wow! I continue to be amazed and humbled! As most of you know, Author, Blogger, TV Celebrity and Sewing Guru Nancy Zieman will be joining us at the Sending Hope Conference in Shipshewana, Indiana on August 8 & 9. The link below is the blog she wrote about the Conference and the interview that she had with me. She is amazing. I wrote her back and thanked her for announcing the conference and especially for capturing the “heart” of what we all are trying to do. It’s so cool when people “get it”. And, Nancy “gets it”!!! She has such a generous heart and I can’t wait to hear her story and have her sign my copy of “Seams Unlikely” her latest book. Bring your copy too or you can purchase one at the conference. Please register so we know how many to expect. Our speakers are amazing. IN addition to our VIP guest speaker, Nancy Zieman, we just confirmed the one and only Katie Dorband who will bring her music and her story, as well as Beth Waterman who will bring us information and personal accounts on Sex Trafficking, having just returned from the States from living in India for 8 years. We will learn how to take our lives from Success to Significance with the guidance of Jan Doughty from Arizona. The list goes on and on and you can choose what topic interests you the most as you pick your own schedule. We’ll have sewing instructions and hands on projects, gratitude journals, art projects and we can learn about Essential Oils. I promise you a great time with other women who care about the well being of the children receiving your Little Dresses. The money from this conference will pay for the shipping of these thousands and thousands of gorgeous dresses. Little girls are waiting. Please register.
Nancy’s blog is here:

Thought for Today

“A burning purpose attracts others who are drawn along with it and help fulfill it.” Margaret Bourke-White

June 2014 Update

Good morning! Things are going well. The container is well on it’s way to Malawi full of blessings, thanks to so many of you! The registration for the Sending Hope Conference is growing every day. Watch for an updated blog on Nancy Zieman’s page and we will also print it on ours. We are so excited to have Nancy with us at the conference. The money for the second well has been raised and it will be started this week. The plan for the soccer field at the Nan Ray School of Learning is in place and the hardware is on the container which left in May. And the Distribution Center is well on it’s way to completion. So many fine projects! A group of 5 of us will be in Malawi in September, God willing, to put all of these exciting projects in place and be part of some opening day celebrations. I want to thank each of you for your help in meeting the needs of our dear friends in Malawi. I want you to know that you are making a difference. “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope!”

Below are some pictures of the new Distribution Center, which will help us be able to send containers to ourselves so that we can send your little dresses and britches for boys, farther and farther out to those that need them the most! God bless you!!! Zikomo!

Container ships! Distribution Center is going up!

It’s Monday morning, May 19, 2014!  Our second 40ft container has shipped and God willing, in 72 days or so it will arrive in Malawi.  I’m so humbled when I think about the people who are part of this success.  Hundreds of people donated items through my precious home church, MetroCity.  Thousands of people sent their little dresses and britches for boys from all over the country.  I can’t help but think of specific people who made it their mission to get us items that we specifically requested:  lots of shoes, homemade chalk boards for the school, teacher’s desks, wedding dresses, bikes and so much more.  I can’t begin to tell you how the people of Malawi will be blessed.  We will be housing it at our new Distribution center so that we can share with more people.  A very small group of us will go in September to finalize the center and arrange to release the container and then a larger group will go in March 2015.  We are very excited about our plans.

God continues to lead us from project to the next.  As you know, we are really counting on lots and lots of you to sign up and/or support www.crosscourt.org, an insanely fun mud run in Michigan to raise money to pay for the shipping of the container.  We need your support in a serious way!  Also, when we are in Malawi in September we will hopefully be unloading the new soccer nets and poles and equipment from the container and setting up the new field at the Nan Ray School of Learning.  Our friend, Naomi will be supervising that project to clear the field with the locals of that community and we will have a soccer team at the school.  We are so grateful for the Northville Presbyterian Church for raising the money for the project and gathering supplies.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show our love and offer them an opportunity to work and play together.

We will also be opening our second well in September and are finalizing the numbers on that right now.  Lots going on and still much more to do.  Please continue to support the projects you are called to support as well as the thousands of gorgeous dresses that you send to us.  We so delighted with the progress and so thankful to YOU for making it happen.




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