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Sometimes a mother just has to brag.  Last Thursday night, my son and my daughter, stood in a muddy field, while rain fell on their precious heads and they held up a hand made cross for a picture shoot for the local media.  A hand made cross?  What is this?  My son, ever the business man, decided to take it upon himself and enlisted the help of his sister and others, to put on an insanely fun and exciting Mud Run, www.crosscourse.org on father’s day weekend, June 14, 2014 in Lapeer, Michigan.  He intends to raise enough money in one day to send our next 40ft sea container to Malawi. This container will container your beautiful dresses and britches, school and medical supplies, text books, blackboards, soccer equipment and so much more.  But it takes a ton of money to get these things to Africa!  My son wants to raise the money in one day.  And if I know this kid, he’ll do it! Cross Couse is a 5K (3.11 miles) insanely fun obstacle course mud run! Participants will run/walk/jog through trails and pastures cut through God’s green earth and encounter 15+ (optional) obstacles along the way!  Your faith and your body will be put to the test.  You don’t want to miss it!  The photo shoot the kids were in Thursday night was showing everyone’s favorite of the day:  an 8 foot cross will be carried up a hill, for those that want to try it.  All obstacles are your choice! This day is to raise awareness.  To get involved. To raise money.  We need you to be part of this day!   Walk/Run/Donate!  www.crosscourse.org  Please use LDFA for your discount code and receive $10 off the registration fee.  I want to show my son what the LDFA team looks like when it gets behind something!  Will you be part of it?

For a great article on this day please see: http://photos.mlive.com/4466/gallery/christian_mud_run/index.html#/0

As always, thanks for your support!

Love, Rachel




Sending Hope Conference Update

Hello, everyone! I’m enjoying seeing the names that are signing up for the conference. Things are coming together nicely. The LDFA pins that will be in the VIP goody bags have arrived and they are adorable. We are getting some great discount coupons for the stores around the Sending Hope Conference and there are some beautiful items that we will be raffling off and a simple GORGEOUS quilt donated by a dedicated voluteer. Nancy Zieman is booked for our VIP Reception and will be signing copies of her new book, “Seams Unlikely”. We are getting more and more really cool confirmations. You’ll get an upclose glance into the life in Africa as our very own Mike Mchawa Banda from Malawi, will be staying with the O’Neills for the month of August and will be speaking at the conference. We have a speaker from Arizona that will be sharing a topic that is dear to all of us, “From Success to Significanc” The question discussed will be: have you moved your life from being a “success’ to having ‘significance?” Jan doughty will discuss how to identify your talents, make decisions on how best to use them and involve your loved ones by writing a “Love Letter”. I seriously can’t wait for that one! If you haven’t registered yet, click here. I believe it will be a sell out conference! Love to you, Rachel

International Contact Now in the UK!

I’d like to introduce you to Laura. Laura lives in the UK and is now officially our international contact for those of you inthe UK who want to sew for Little Dresses for Africa. It has seemed silly to us to have you post dresses to us in the USA and then back again to Africa so we have finally made a connection that makes sense. Laura will be collecting little dresses sewn in the UK and sending them directly to addresses that I have validated and supply her with. I will work closely with Laura to help her raise money for shipping costs and make sure they get to the children that need them most. I am very grateful for her willingness to put herself out this way as we get a lot of requests from people in the UK who would like to be involved. Contact me at rachel.oneill@sbcglobal.net if you have dresses for her and I’ll put you in touch with her. Thank you so much, Laura and welcome to the team!!! Love, Rachel

Sending Hope Conference Now Open

We are so excited to open the registration for our first

Nancy Zieman of "Sewing With Nancy" featured guest  “Sending Hope Conference 2014″ at the beautiful Shipshewana, Indiana.

We have an amazing line up planned !  Founder and Director of Little Dresses for Africa, Rachel O’Neill will host  our “VIP”  Nancy Zieman, who will join us at the VIP Reception for a book signing of her recently released book, “Seams Unlikely” Nancy will also share her story at the General Session on Saturday.  Little Dresses for Africa’s own, Michael Mchawa Banda from Malawi, Africa will give us a first hand account on things in his home, Africa, share his story and encourage us on to more good.

There will be food, networking, breakout sessions and so much more.  Three levels of registration are available on the registration page.  All 3 levels of registration will go toward the support of Little Dresses for Africa.  We are delighted and excited to meet you.  See you there.  Attendance limited to 400.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  Click here to register! Love, Rachel

North Dakota Checks In…

One more little story:  I talked to a sweet woman this morning from North Dakota who told me while she was making little dresses, she was skyping with her daughter who is in Uganda.   She showed her daughter and her daughter squealed, “I saw one of those in church just last Sunday!”   They’re out there, sewers, thanks to you!!! 

Thanks, Jeanette, for passing that on.  These stories encourage me and others to keep working toward our goal.  We also heard yesterday that we have dresses going to Madagascar, which makes our 48th country in Africa.  That means only 5 to go and we will have at least sent some to every country on the Continent of Africa.  I say, let’s make 2014 the year that we can say, every single country in Africa has received at least some little dresses! 

We do receive so many beautiful dresses, but we have barely scraped the tip of the iceberg in making sure that children are clothed.  Please continue to help me get them to the children.  Also, more information coming soon about our “Sending Hope Conference in 2014″.  Some pretty exciting news will be announced soon!  Stay tuned.  Keep sewing.  Love, Rachel


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