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Thankful in 2014 and beyond!

As we near our Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, I remain so grateful to all of you who are making a difference in the lives of so many.  I set out to take a few dresses to a small village in Malawi, never dreaming of how this would grow.  There was a major problem:  I don’t sew! But we joined together.  Every one of you has played a part in this tremendous success.  You have done this!  YOU!  When you sew, when you box things up, when you donate on line, when you attend fund raising events, or donate quilts or auction items, when you write a word of encouragement, when you share this ministry with others…YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Thank you so much.

Since this began we have sent well over 3 million dresses and also britches for boys, shoes, sewing machines, toys, tools, 2 containers, 2 wells, a primary school, school master’s house and toilets, a soccer field, a distribution center, brides dresses that provide an income, and so much more!  It’s amazing.  2015 brings even more opportunity.  We will be drilling our 3rd well and opening it when our team goes to serve in March 2015.  We have a dream called 1,2,3…GO!  This dream is to go into Village after Village and bring: 1.  Clean Water.  2.  Primary School  3. Multi-purpose building for community activities, worship, education…and then GO to the next Village.  We’ve done 3 major things in Thobola and we’re on target to do 3 major projects in Mataka.  This is a big undertaking but for $60,000 or so a Village, we can impact a community for YEARS to come.  We take our time.  We do it in phases, and we keep in touch with our projects by visiting the sites personally and helping them to be accountable to our gifts.  We work with locals and provide jobs.  And we do this because YOU decided you wanted to make a difference.  These dresses are the Ambassadors as we go to Africa and offer hope.  “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope!”  Thank you and have a grateful Thanksgiving!

Love, Rachel

Be sure to stay tuned for ways to give this Christmas. And thank you to all of you who have donated to the Lillian Shipping Fund.  Lillian’s dresses are on the children and we will plan to take her 1000th dress with us in March!


Some of you have been asking about the liner material for the san-panti’s. I got some information from a sewer working on this project and will post it below. Do not feel obligated to use this site. It’s just a suggestion. Your comments and information exchanges are welcome. Also, remember if you are working on the sani-panti project is your group, there are some great downloadable posters regarding “dignity” right here on the website under “printables”.  You can upload them to your printer and they are a wonderful way to announce what you are doing in a tactful way that won’t offend. Thank you for all you do! Big blessings to all of you as we work together to help these precious children. Also, if you haven’t seen the Kenya relief documentary, check it out. It is amazing and we are so proud of our Detroit area doctors for their dedication to these patients. I saw several “little dresses” in the documentary which was so gratifying! Let’s continue to send relief one little dress at a time. We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope!

Love, Rachel

PUL fabric can be ordered from:https://www.fabric.com. Click to baby/children-fabrics-diapercentral. $9.98 per yard and free shipping for orders of $35 (?) or more

Back from Africa 10-6-14 Lillians Dresses Get To the Kids!

Good morning! Sorry for the delaying in reporting in but I’ve been trying to get back in the “groove” after our very quick trip to Malawi. Five of us spent 10 days, and although it was a quick trip, we were pleased with the results. We were able to open the Distribution Center at Mataka Village and unpack our 40ft container full of so many blessings for so many! What a warm reception we received and what a beauty of a place! To God be the glory! Our hope is that we can send things to ourselves there and distibute much more widely than having to send a container to a specific village. Big thanks to Mike Mchawa, for making all the arrangements and running that project in such a professional and efficient way!  Another highlight of the trip was delivering Ms Lillian’s dresses to the children at this same Village.  Lillian, you may have heard, is our Celebrity Seamstress, hopes to reach her goal of having sewn 1000 dresses for the little girls in Africa by her 100th birthday in May 2015.  Her pattern with little sleeves is a popular one and you can see by the pictures she puts her own little special touch on each ones, with a pocket or matching sleeves.  It was really fun to deliver these and we are still receiving donations here at the website to help with shipping costs.  We are so grateful for your help!  Thank you to all of you and to Ms. Lillian!   Her story has gone “viral” and spread clear across the world, touching the heart of so many.  We have had responses from all over the United States and across the world from places such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, and Greece.  It’s been so exciting to see the word spread by such a humble means.  To God be the glory!

We were also able to check on the Nan Ray School of Learning in Thobola and see the site of the future soccer field.  Because of the harvest season the field will be ready to open on our March 2015 trip to Malawi.  But we got a taste of how our little soccer players will look with their team shirts on and they are shown here.  It was so great to see the school in session and the teachers working diligently at teaching the precious students.

We were also excited to see the opening of our 2nd well at the Village of Chinkuluchina and shared a day of with the children there!

Pictures will be posted under gallery.  I hope you enjoy them.  Please know you have made a difference in the lives of so many! We are so grateful!  Love, Rachel

Lillian Weber goes viral!

Lillian Weber 100 in May on target to sew 1000 dresses

What does it mean when something “goes viral”?  Well, I think you better ask Lillian Weber!  Lillian is one of the many fantastic volunteers for Little Dresses for Africa who has dedicated the biggest part of every day to help the children of the world by making a little dress.  What’s unusual about Lillian is that she will turn 100 in May 2015 and her goal is to have sewn 1000 dresses.  The news has picked this story up and it’s spreading all over the internet and papers and has gone “viral”!  This is good news for us because as the news spreads her story they also tell the story of what we are all committed to and that’s bringing relief to the most vulnerable of God’s children: little girls.  We are so  grateful for Lillian but we are also so grateful for you.  Whatever level of participation you are involved in, whether it be to sew, to donate material, send money for shipping, help fold and ship or go with us to Africa…it’s all part of the mission and we are so thankful!  So today, as we celebrate Lillian’s accomplishments, we also celebrate YOU and your participation and dedication to this ministry.  To God be the glory as we continue to reach out to help others!

Donate for shipping costs here

Sending Hope Conference Deemed A SUCCESS!

Over 100 ladies (and a few helpful men!) from 14 states and two countries in Africa attended the first Sending Hope Conference in Shipshewana, Indiana. It was an amazing two days with incredible enthusiasm and talent, and hearts full of love for the children of Africa and beyond. We began with a VIP reception with Nancy Zieman where excited fans had the opportunity to sign Nancy’s new book, “Seams Unlikely” and have their picture taken with her.

Nancy did not disappoint! She and her husband, Richard, were as gracious as I had found at our first meeting several years ago. The words she shared concerning her autobiography was a beautiful glimpse into the life of a very talented and smart business woman with a very personal and tender look into her life. The biggest problem attendees faced was trying to choose which breakout session to attend. Huge thanks to all the speakers and facilitators and of course our sponsors. The beautiful Farmstead Inn was a perfect venue for a perfect time to not only share life changing project ideas but have a great time with our new friends that share a common passion: helping little girls in Africa.

A kick back and have fun highlight of the weekend was the late night pajama party. We shared more laughter than I dreamed possible and one thing is for sure: These ladies aren’t just talented, they are FUN!

We raised money for the shipping of these beautiful dresses while having the time of our lives. Special thanks to all who helped, donated baskets and of course the attendees. We could not do it without you. Thank you so much!

Send me your pictures and we’ll add them to this gallery!  Thanks, again, everyone! Love, Rachel

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