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Team 2015 Back from Malawi!

Another amazing team, this time 14 of us, just returned from Malawi, Africa.  We will be sharing the update by email in detail.  If you are interested in being on our mailing list, be sure to go to contact us and request to be added.  As in the past, we had a wonderful time, worked hard and got a LOT of little dresses on the kids for you.  The pictures will be posted in the dress distribution page.  I hope you catch a glimpse of yours, but even if you don’t, rest assured that the children LOVED them!  Because we can work out of our Distribution Center, it was much easier to get tons and tons of supplies out to the kids that need them.  We enjoyed playing, singing,and teaching the kids basic lessons on nutrition and clean water as we opened another well, this time in the Village of Mataka.  We were able to complete the soccer field generously sponsored by the Northville Presbyterian  Church in Michigan.  Team shirts were distributed and the pride the kids felt was palpable.  We fed kids everywhere we went as we distributed dresses and shorts.  We taught  Bible school lessons and health lessons.  The young ladies were so excited to receive their gifts of panties and san–panties as we talked about their value as young women.  We distributed luminaids to students so they could have “light in a bag” as they studies in homes with no electricity.

Treeza, age 6, at the Distribution Center in Mataka Village

We were able to meet people at the distribution center and share what you have sent.  We distributed 250 Buckets of Hope to widows and child-headed families and those suffering from AIDS.  The list goes on and on! We also are excited to announce that we worked on the foundation of the second Primary School, Jephtia School of Hope.  With continued donations, we hope to open it by the end of this year, if at all possible.  The community carried dirt along beside us as we filled inside the brick foundation.

The foundation of the new Jephtia School of Hope

The school of Hope represents much more than a dream. Hope is a very important word and a very important condition.  In scripture, hope is not an empty word, void of action.  It is a strong and confident expectation.  It is not an escape from reality, but rather it puts us in gear and moves us forward.  We encouraged the community that hope is an action word and when you work toward something you can expect it to happen with confidence.  When we say, “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope”…we mean it.  With your help, it will happen!  Thank you so much for all you do.  Check out the pictures!

New Pictures

Team Malawi 2015 is headed out one week from today  (March 12, 2015).  We are excited to once again be hosted by Ministry of Hope.  They are an amazing organization.  We will spend time in Mataka Village, outside of Lilongwe and celebrate the opening of a well and help lay the foundation of the new Mataka School of Hope, our second primary school.  We will go to Thobola to run a Vacation Bible School and open the Soccer field at Thobola and the Nan Ray School Of Learning.  At each place we will feed, encourage and empower the people as we are able and of course, deliver your beautiful little dresses.  The donations for projects have come in nicely and the News Herald ran a really nice article this week, for which we are very grateful.  Please know that we are so grateful for your help and it is our honor to go on your behalf to serve the people of Malawi.  There are new pictures that have come in in the picture gallery.  Enjoy and stay tuned for many more to come!  Love, Rachel

March 2015

March 2015!  It’s almost here!  Next month a team of 13 people will go to serve with the people of Malawi.  We have some exciting plans and would love to encourage you to be part of them.  Along with checking in on the projects that we already support, delivering Buckets of Hope to 250 people in many villages, and the official opening of the Soccer Field at the Nan Ray School of Learning, we will also be celebrating the opening of the well at the Village of Mataka, which was directly as a result of the matching program at BYN Mellon Bank, as well as breaking ground on our second Primary School, this time in Mataka.  With a ratio of 90 students to every one teacher, a primary school is imperative to get these kids to the secondary level.  We are so excited to start this second school and so grateful for your help.  If you’d like to donate to any of these projects, we welcome the support. Special thanks to Beads On A Mission (www.beadsonamission.com) for financing the Vacation Bible School crafts!  We also want to thank St. Michael Parish, Grand Ledge, MI for sending a very generous donation specifically to finance health care.  We will be using that at the Mobile Clinic to help those suffering from AIDS.

As we distribute your “little dresses”  and “britches for boys”, we use the opportunity to teach simple lessons on clean water, sanitation, and how to stay healthy. This year we will be using some beautiful coloring book, which will not only be fun for the children but will share life saving lessons for the entire village.

LDFA Coloring books feature Little Dresses on the children!

These books cost us $1/each but they can change hundreds of lives.  Each book contains a personal message from Little Dresses for Africa as well as lessons  both English and their language, Chechewa.  As a special bonus, the children in the books are wearing little dresses and britches for boys that look just like the ones you sew! Check them out and help us take enough for all the kids!  Any donation is welcome! As always, we are so grateful for your help!!! Love, Rachel  donate here!

California or bust!

I’m headed out to California to share the message of Little Dresses for Africa.  So grateful for the invitation!  Beautiful pictures of your dresses can be found on the Dress Distribution page.  Look for yours and keep sewing.  We’re not going to run out of kids!  These particular beautiful children are in Uganda, Africa.  Thanks for your help!   Click here for pictures!

Italy is going strong with LDFA!

I am so happy to report that our Italian branch of LDFA is doing great.  Dresses are coming in and we have a wonderful partner who is collecting the dresses and packing them up for shipping to addresses that we supply or groups that she has confirmed herself that are in need.  We are so grateful for Sabrina Coccoloni  and so delighted to now have a global effort to get everyone involved.  Her address is Viale a Rosa del Tirreno 19 57127 Livorno, Italy and you are welcome to contact her through her facebook page GROUP on Facebook: Little Dresses for Africa Italia cuciamo.  Also keep in mind we also have dedicated volunteer Laura Cameron in Scotland for the UK sewers.  This is a wonderful thing to be united across the oceans!  Thank you to all of you.  Anyone ready to collect dresses in Australia?  We have MANY people asking in that area.  Thanks and love, Rachel

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