Sending Hope Conference 2014

The Gambia Receives Dresses and Britches

Tanzania Receives Dresses

Sister Nyaki from Tanzania received dresses !

Mosquito Nets

How are you doing?  Are you in the states or busy traveling?   It’s been a while since you visited here at Namikango, but we are still thankful that you took the time to visit us.  If you remember, you gave me $100 or so from one of your contacts requesting that we purchase mosquito nets with it.  I just wanted to let you know that we did purchase 11 nets to be used at our Maternity Clinic here for mother’s who have just had their babies.  There are given freely to these mothers.  Please pass our immense gratitude on to the one who donated the money.  We are very grateful indeed. I’ve attached a photo as well (though the quality is not great).
Hope you are doing well.  Look us up next time you are in Malawi.
Ben Hayes

Pennsylvania in the Fall!

Thank you to the amazing W. Middlesex Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania was a wonderful weekend in your beautiful state!  We enjoyed an Amish buddy ride, saw the beautiful leaves changing colors, and had a delicious dinner following an amazing worship experience.  Thank you for your kind invitation for me to come and speak and for allowing me to take part in your day!


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If you’d like verification that your dresses were received, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Little Dresses for Africa
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You can reach us by phone at 734-637-9064