Little Dresses Distribution

Venezuela Receives Dresses

Here are a few photos from Venezuela.  The shorts and dresses were an enormous hit.  The children just loved them.  Thank you and your friends for all of your help.  The children just loved the dresses and shorts.

Liberia Receives Little Dresses

These children were blessed as a result of a U.S. Navy Lieutenant serving in Liberia as a United Military Observer working with a local Village in Buchanan, Liberia. They noticed the children have very little to wear except a dirty pair of underwear and wanted to see if we could help. Check out these beautiful children! Thank you, Lietenant for serving us an the children of Liberia!

Your Dresses Continue To Go Into All The World!!!!

It’s so exciting to see all these little dresses going out with mission teams this summer. They continue to leave in big army duffel bags with excited teams, ready to serve the children of the world. The pictures show kids from Zambia, and Uganda and even Bangkok! Bless you all, for sewing, for sending and for taking them to the beautiful children of the world! Love to you!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 12:17 PM
Hello, Rachel-
We have had the opportunity to speak by phone and email this past summer.  I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to the Kibera slums and you and your wonderful organization allowed us to take dresses & britches and shirts to the 350 children at the school where I served.  I posted photos of some of the dresses being worn.  They LOVED them, and I told the girls that they were loved by the ladies who sewed them even if they didn’t know them by name.
The reason I am writing you now, is that I discovered a need that you and your organization may be interested in.  The children of the slum, and particularly the girls, have little hope to attend school after the 8th grade because in Kenya one has to be accepted based upon grades and there are tuition fees.  There is a very grim future for teenage girls in the slum, as they are often sexually abused and then become pregnant very early.  Many of the girls in the school where I served were already pregnant and they were only 13-14 years old.
My home church embraced this effort and we have raised the funds to sponsor my two special girls for all four years of high school.  I have attached a photo of one of them – Doreen – who happens to be modeling one of your dresses.  Rachel – it is unbelievable – for approximately $350 per year per student, the children are boarded, fed and educated at a facility with running water and electricity!   These children currently sleep on the ground and have no running water and certainly no electricity.  For an additional $300(ish) per student, they are able to purchase a mattress, bedsheet, blanket, one uniform, two pairs of shoes, a P.E. kit, a basin, cup, bowl and spoon, and their necessary school and personal supplies.  This gives these children HOPE for a future! 
I currently have 6 other children who have been recommended by my Kenyan contacts to be sponsored.  Two of them are boys, and are orphans and homeless!  They are age 12 and 14, and have currently not become involved in criminal activity for survival.  They are praying to get to go to school, and my Kenyan contact (in the photo attached) has located a school that will accept them into grade 4 even though they have never been to school.
Please consider joining me in this worthy cause.  I plan to establish a formal non-profit organization.  I have invited you to the Facebook Group by email.   Please forward this to anyone you know who has a heart for children, for providing for basic needs, and for education.
God bless you and your wonderful works!

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