Nan Ray School of Learning

The Nan Ray School of Learning

The Nan Ray School of Learning is a primary school in Thobola Village, Ntcheu, Malawi.  It is a humble brick structure that houses the children from the area nearby and even from Mozambique. The school is named in honor of the Founder, Rachel O’Neill’s, mother, an educator. There is no fee to attend the school and uniforms are not required.  A great deal of learning takes place here in the two big blocks of classrooms as well as under the trees nearby.  The Chief is very supportive of education. Little Dresses for Africa has not only built the school with funds donated by supporters, but also a School Master’s house and toilets for teachers and students. Our plan is to open the soccer field, funded by the Northville Presbyterian Church in the summer of 2014. Little Dresses for Afrida continues to supply support for the students by way of school supplies, text books, and learning materials and will send more supplies in a second container May 2014. Our next goal is to build another block of classrooms and offices for the teachers. Your donations are appreciated.


The Nan Ray School of Learning at Thobola, Malawi

We are very proud of the hard work by the people of the Village of Thobola.  With your support, they have been able to build a primary school, The Nan Ray School of Learning.  This facility also is used as a feeding center for 450 children.  We will be sending school supplies, books, playground equipment and much more, with money raised from 2011 Fund Raiser “Back to School With Laura the Elephant”.  Your support is appreciated and still very much needed to complete this project.  Thank you so much for your help!!!


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