By way of Nashville…

Dear Ladies,
We were so happy to be able to be the ones to present your beautiful dresses to the folks in Rianyambeki Village, outside of the town of Ogembo in Kenya, Africa! After spending a few days there and realizing that many of the little girls who came to school mostly own one uniform for class and not many other clothes, we knew that the dresses would be a blessing. The school has close to 300 students who attend, starting at age 4 and going through 8th grade, many of whom are girls, so the decision was made to present the dresses to the school and allow the teachers and leaders there, who know the situations of the children in their families best, give out the dresses after we left to those who would need them the most. We imagine that by now those pretty dresses are scattered all through those mountains and are being enjoyed and appreciated by many.
Thank you so much for the time, effort, and investment you made to get them sent here so we could have the joy of giving them. May God bless you richly!

Kathy and Jeff Deasy
IMB Missionaries to Kenya

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