Team 2016 heads out!

Chief T well 2016 child at the well

A child enjoys fresh water at Chief Kachindamoto’s village, supplied by LDFA.

In less than a month, Team 2016 will be headed out to love and support the people of Malawi, Africa.  We have developed deep and lasting friendships with so many and excited to see them again.  When the vision team went in April 2016 we scouted two new villages north and south of Lilongwe.  We promised them each a well and we will be going back to celebrate the opening of that fulfilled promise.  God willing, we will once again share songs and prayer and food and of course your little dresses and also britches for boys among other things.  We are once again planning to support Ministry of Hope and their mobile medical clinic.  It’s always an emotional but fulfilling day.  We will be shopping in town for supplies such as oil, sugar, salt, soap, rice, Bibles, and other essentials to deliver to the widows and child-headed families.  We call these Buckets of Hope.  We take them personally to the most vulnerable and visit the recipients in their homes and hear their stories and we are blessed beyond measure.  Our goal is 600 at $20/each. Please be assured that money donated to a specific project goes ONLY to that project so let us know when you give if you have a preference.  It’s amazing to think about the lives these gifts will bless.  We heard from one widow that she literally did not know what she was going to eat the next day until we brought her a bucket. Praise the Lord. Talk about tangible hope! 

We will be leaving August 24th and after 24 hours of travel, will arrive and hit the ground running.  It’s a tough trip and not for everyone but our team can’t wait.  We are excited to paint the alphabet on the walls of the new primary school in Mataka Village, and organize the distribution center, and hold the babies at the crisis center.  We ask for your prayers for safe travel in these uneasy times.  We ask for your prayers for a united team, each with our own quirks and idiosyncrasies.  We ask for good health and we ask that we do no harm while we are there and that we return with full hearts ready to continue the work that all of you so lovingly support. IMG_1732

Chief Theresa Kachindamoto in person in the USA!

Exciting things are happening.  You may have seen on Facebook that we opened ticket sales a tad early for the Michigan Big Dinner as well as tickets for the Rome Raffle, which is now open to all of you.  If you are looking for a reason to come to Michigan, the night planned here for 11.12.16  is reason enough.  The internet is buzzing with articles on Chief Theresa Kachindamoto. She is the woman Chief from the Dedza district of Malawi, who is making it her life’s mission to end child marriages. She has successfully returned over 1000 little girls to school and released them from being child brides. She’s simply amazing and you will have a chance to meet her at the BIG DINNER at the Riverview MetroCity Church campus on 11.12.16. You do not want to miss this!LDFA_2016_PcardBack_625x45_001Dinner, amazing speaker, silent auction and to take the night right over the top…the one and only Chad Dohring will be performing and releasing his long awaited worship album, “Carry Me” with proceeds to benefit Little Dresses for Africa. I cannot begin to tell you the excitement of this night. The generosity of Chad is humbling and exciting! Tickets are now on sale on line and will be limited to the first 500 people. A night at the new Riverview campus, Senior Chief Kachindamoto in person, Chad performing, and all to benefit Little Dresses for Africa. Tickets are $35.00 and it’s a steal. Grab them while you can.

If you have not signed up to host your own BIG DINNER at your home, church, school or community center, it’s never too late.  Sign up at .  Remember, any size dinner is great.  Big or small, simple or fancy.  Be part of transforming thousands of lives as we join together in a single night. Check the website often to see what new items are available for your BIG DINNER and be sure to sign up for the LDFA Hosts FaceBook page where ideas and encouragement can be exchanged. SendDown_Template2T-shirts will be available soon so stay tuned. Be sure to let me know how many copies you’d like to order for your guests of our theme song “Send Down” by Erik Grant Bennett.  This makes an amazing take home for your guests and will keep the message alive as they “keep on telling the story, giving God all the glory.”    Also available for download on ITunes.

Italy? What?  How???

Jet to Europe with your $1,000 airline voucher and experience Italy like never before!  The package includes six days and five nights for two at “La Tana dell’lstrice.” This romantic bed and breakfast is set among the backdrop of vineyards and rolling hills. The B&B on-site owners will embrace you warmly from the moment you arrive. You and your guest will be treated to world class wines at a wine tasting, an exceptional dining experience, as well as a guided tour of  the vineyards.  The Bed and Breakfast is located in Civitella D’agliano Viterbo, about 50 miles NW of Rome, Italy. This amazing raffle has been made possible by friend and supporter, Myra Moreland and Little Dresses for Africa, and is valued at $4,000.00.  Tickets are $100/each and is open to everyone, but tickets are limited to the first 150 people, so get yours fast.  To purchase tickets, contact us personally or buy them on line at RomeRaffle. The winner will be announced at the BIG DINNER 11.12.16.

I know this is a lot to take in and we are excited and know you are too.  Thank you for being part of the change and for your generous support of Little Dresses for Africa.IMG_1831 Keep Sewing!  We’re not going to run out of kids that need us!




Container 2016An amazing group of strong and dedicated volunteers showed up at the Love Shack last night in Romulus, MI to pack another 40ft container headed to Malawi.   The container is filled with items to bless the people in and around Malawi.  Thanks to all the hard workers as well as the people who donated the materials.  Thousands of dresses, shorts, sewing machines, tons of shelving from Consumers Power, shoes, bikes… The list goes on and on and so does our sincere thanks!  Love you!  Rachel

Grateful for strong grandsons.

Grateful for strong grandsons.



Bonnie and Carole

Bonnie and Carole’s group hard at work as usual!




A traditional pose as the container leaves, Rachel and Scott

A traditional pose as the container leaves, Rachel and Scott


The work continues...let

The work continues…let’s get to it.

IMG_4404IMG_4427These adorable coloring books by JAMS feature students dressed in Little dresses set in African settings teaching the most basic sanitation and hygiene lessons.  To make it even better, we ordered them both in English and Chechewa.  This was a major hit with the kids in the Village.  We gave them each one crayon and they used it and then they began to share and it got quite creative as you can see by the pictures.  Even the adults enjoyed this simple teaching.



Rachel and Theresa Kachindomoto April 2016A relatively short but fantastic visit to Malawi resulted in amazing plans for the team going in August 2016. The vision team went to meet new villages for our upcoming trip. One was the home visit of Senior Chief Theresa Kachindomoto, in the Dedza District of Malawi. Amazing does not touch this woman! She has answered the call to put an end to child marriages. Her decision is not always a popular one but she stands steadfast in her conviction. She welcomed us where we shared our story and listened to hers. It was immediately apparent that our goals to honor girls and young women were directly aligned. We will be installing a well in one of her villages and hope to work with her in providing living quarters for the girls that she has rescued and returned to their schooling. We were able to provide her with dresses, shorts, shoes, wheelchairs, medical and school supplies from our Distribution Center. What a wonderful day! I can’t wait to know her better. Another wonderful day was in the home village of Jimmy Chikombe, who we met through the Muvuu Game Park. His father and the Head Chiefs welcomed us with a day of song and dance. We shared our lesson self-esteem with our friend, “Zelda, the Caterpillar” and distributed thousands of dresses, shorts, sani-pantis to all ages. We also promised them a well to provide clean water to over 3000 people. We will be going back in August to know them better and see what else we can do to help. So many wonderful things on the horizon and they will happen because of your efforts, especially through the upcoming BIG DINNER on 11.12.16. Stay tuned! Enjoy the pictures!

Ms Lillian and Rachel O

Ms Lillian and Rachel O’Neill, at Lillian’s 100th birthday party.

Prayers were answered on May 5, 2016 at 5:25pm as Lillian Weber with daughters at her side, passed peacefully from this life into the arms of Jesus. The prayers were for a gentle and peaceful passing without pain and her daughters report that is exactly what happened. Ms. Lillian has made a huge impact on so many as she not only reached her goal to sew 1000 dresses by the time she turned 100, but surpassed her goal to reach an amazing 1,234. Little Dresses for Africa has been blessed beyond measure by not only the beautiful dresses that she made but also the world-wide attention that she brought to the ministry. Our prayers are with the family as they adjust to their loss and we honor Lillian and the legacy of love that she leaves. Lillian would have turned 101 tomorrow. On behalf of the children of Africa, Thank you, Ms Lillian.


The link to her obituary can be found here.  The family has requested donations be made to the Lillian Weber Shipping Fund if you wish to honor her work.  We remain grateful for her continuing influence for good.  God bless this precious family in their loss.

Love, Rachel


M o r e   i n f o