Back from Malawi with Grateful Hearts!!!!

Little Dresses for Africa Team 2012 has returned from Malawi with full and grateful hearts! Our time in the “warm heart of Africa” was indeed warm, and full of genuine hospitality. We were blessed with beautiful weather and relatively good health, all things considered. We were able, with your help, to take thousands of dresses and britches for boys. You provided the means to conduct Bible lessons, and provide crafts for the attendees, both children and adults. We delivered, on your behalf, 200 Buckets of Hope, full of rice, oil, sugar, plastic-ware, Bibles and soap. We sang. We prayed. We encouraged them and they encouraged us! Thank you so much for making it happen. Your generosity was deeply felt by all of us!

We were graciously hosted by Ministry of Hope, who had available for rent, our beautiful transportation. The rent for this bus goes directly toward the medical clinics that they host and is a great way to help and be helped. We were also able to assist MOH in their medical clinic day. It was an amazing opportunity to serve and we are grateful for the experience. We were given the opportunity to visit the MOH Crisis Nursery, to love on all the babies and encourage the staff with gifts that you sent to them, such as baby formula, diapers, baby clothing, rice, vitamins and personal gifts for the staff. Everything was a great hit. Please continue to support Ministry of Hope, as it continues to be an excellent example of how to do things right! They are fully aware of the need to work side by side with both volunteers and the locals to accomplish the work of Jesus.

One new ministry was provided by our friends in Louisville, KY. We called it “sani-panties” and to remain sensitive to the subject, let me say that the need for women and their personal hygiene care is very great in Africa. Our friends from KY sewed home-made items that will help tremendously with this need and make it possible for young girls to continue to go to school all through the month, without embarrassment. These items were met with great enthusiasm and we were able to incorporate this ministry with a lesson from Psalms 139 and encourage them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Thank you so much for meeting this sensitive need.

We went to the Village of Thobola and found our sister and friend, Naomi, as always, in great spirits with great enthusiasm, working on the latest projects. Her NGO, is going well and providing for the orphans in that area, who have no one at all caring for them. Naomi is an amazing woman of God, with a heart for the people of Africa and specifically Ntcheu, her home. The school is beautiful and your generosity allowed us to leave money for stadium steps, on which the kids can gather to eat, to sing and to learn in front of the school. Our focus now is to raise money to finish the school master’s house, at which time a teacher will be provided by the government. This will make a huge contribution to the community and will benefits hundreds of families.

The 40ft container that you so graciously provided to the people, has arrived and is in place at the school in the Village of Thobola! It was no easy thing, to get it across the ocean, through customs, or up those roads to the Village, but it is in place and Naomi will be in charge of the distribution, which will bless so many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to make this happen. So many were involved in donating items, filling the container, packing and shipping costs and physically going there to see it delivered. More details will follow but for now, my sincere thanks to all of you on a job well done! God bless you and thank you very much!!!!!Love, Rachel