Back from Africa!

When I first returned to the USA, I thought, “I need to process this trip a bit.  I think I’ll wait to write an update”.  Then a week went by and now 10 days and I’m still processing!  Since I fear that I may not ever completely process all that goes on, I will begin today to share our experience, as incomplete as the process may be.

On your behalf, I was honored to lead a team of 12 incredible people to Malawi.  We worked in several different areas and served with some amazing organizations.   We worked together. We laughed together.  We prayed together… and everything in between.  Now that I think of some of those roads we  were on late at night, there were times we laughed and prayed at the same time!        We had another amazing experience in Malawi and we are happy to report that we accomplished the projects that we set out to do.  I will be sending a complete update on the projects that you financed through email.  If you’d like to be added to the list, please send me a note through “contact us“.   Along with our dress distribution, this year we were also able to conduct several Vacation Bible School lessons that centered on “God Has a Plan for YOU!” using Zelda the Caterpillar.

It was a lot of fun and the adults loved it as much as the children.  We were able to participate in replacing the thatch roofs for widows in the Village and left money for more to be completed after we left.  We enjoyed learning this new skill and the project was received with great joy by the entire community as we worked together.

It was amazing the different reactions of the team as we worked.   Some were very task oriented as they cut tires into thin strips, which were later used to tie the thatch on.  Some worked awhile and then wandered off to visit with the community (that would be me!).  One began a song that drew the children around her, as she worked.  One took a break to play ball with the kids, while others balanced precariously on unsteady walls as their skin darkened in the Afrcan sun.  But everyone worked and encouraged the community by being there.  Special thanks to Ministry of Hope who provided the opportunity and the knowledge to share with us.  Special thanks also to those who contributed to the roof fund.  The encouragement it gives the entire community cannot be measured.  We also were able to provide two medical days.

Medical Day with Ministry of Hope Thank you to those of you who supplied the blood pressure cuffs. What an experience!  It is such an honor to serve. And of course, our favorite: Buckets of Hope! for the Vulnerable Child-headed families and Widows.

Each day we went out to a different location to work with the villages, feeding, teaching, singing, encouraging, of course distributing hundreds and hundreds of little dresses to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy.  This mission is alive and well.  The communities are excited to receive them.  I will post as many pictures of the little dresses under “dress distribution” as possible and I hope you spot yours there.  Whether you find yours or not, please know that the children loved them.  They were honored by them.  They were given hope by them and they are wearing them proudly.  Thank you for your continued support.

We came back tired and happy and found tons more little dresses and as many requests to receive them.  Thank you for your continued support in getting them to the children.  Please continue to let us know when your mission teams travel so we can supply them with as many as they can take.  Thank you for your continued financial support.  It takes all of us to make this happen.

With gratitude,


At the Nan Ray School

Pictures under “Dress Distribution”.  Thanks to all who helped!More Scenes from Malawi here.  

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