April 12, 2013 Greetings from Rachel

Dear Precious Volunteers,

The weekend is here and we are all busy, so once again I am grateful for all of you making time to serve the people of Africa. I am so lucky to have a front seat to watch and hear the exciting stories and the change that you are all making. I hope you all know what a difference each one of you makes here and across the ocean!

Our team is really beginning to gear up for our August trip in Malawi. We have been in communication with our hosts and have some exciting plans coming together. Because we have 4 men going this time, we are going to concentrate on more physical labor as well as distribution of the dresses and shorts. We will be going to remote villages and repairing the huts with local materials. I’m excited to learn this new skill and work with the grasses and poles grown there and I know it will make a tremendous difference in the lives of widows and child-headed families, which will be our focus. Each repair costs about $75 to redo the roof and we will do as many as we can afford. We will also add another medical day which is $850-$1000 for medicine, malaria testing, staff and transportation to the remote sites. It’s months between these medical days and there are usually 700 people minimum, in line when we arrive at 7am. We take so much for granted in this country and we are humbled to serve in this way. Two of our travelers are nurses so we are excited to bring these skills to the people.

As in the past we will be distributing “Buckets of Hope” to the widows and child-headed families and those in serious need to encourage and teach and love on those most in need. This project is always one of my favorites as we go back into the bush and into the villages into their homes. The whole community is so hospitable and the children walk with us as we deliver this relief. It’s an amazing experience. It also helps as we work with the locals who are then welcome to return to follow up with the families as needs are identified.

I know it’s overwhelming to think of the need and I know there is a tendency to say we can’t really make a dent in it, but I promise you, we do. To that family, to that child, we offer hope and encourage and we show the love of Jesus. “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope”. We worked last night as we do all second and fourth Thursdays of the month and the dresses and shorts are so beautiful. I’m amazed at your generosity. And we need them! We’re not going to run out of children!

Thank you for your help. You are encouraged to give on line or send a check to be sure to indicate which project you’d like to support. Don’t forget our Sock Hop Fund Raiser is to support these projects. Please support it even if you are out of town. And our May Donut Drive at your churches can be a great help. Thanks for joining together with us in these efforts!

Love to you all,Rachel

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