Another Year Comes To A Close…

I can’t begin to know where this year has gone!  Once again, I look back with gratitude of all that you have done to help the children of Africa and beyond! At the close of this year, we have collected and distributed over 560,000 dresses and about half that many britches for boys.  It’s hard to imagine that many children.  With distribution in 31 countries of Africa, we are quickly covering the continent of Africa!  If I think too hard about how to keep this going, I get overwhelmed, so my prayer continues to be to just turn it over to God.  It’s been HIS ministry from the beginning, and my prayer is that it continues to be.

Providence has put just the right people in my path and I am grateful.  I think about the volunteers and how they heard, and more importantly answered, the call to help.  I think about my new friend Jan, who I met on a plane, who has given me so much good (and free) advice from her wealth of knowledge.  I think of Carole, who just stopped by to drop some dresses off and now is one of my best supporters and volunteers.  I think of the invitations to speak all around town and even out of town to share our mission.  I think of the churches, communities and schools that have joined our work…I could go on forever, but you all know who you are.  Thank you so much.

Because of the tremendous growth, this year we are praying for a store front space so that we can encourage volunteers to work when it’s convenient for them to donate their time.  Until now, we have worked out of my basement, but it’s time to move to the next level.  Please let me know if you know of an inexpensive place near Brownstown, MI, or one that could be donated.  We don’t need much space and NOTHING fancy, but it’s time to expand our parameters.

We had a great time hosting Laura the Elephant and raised most of the money that we need to ship the 40-ft container.  We are organizing the donations that you have all collected and sent for the Nan Ray School of Learning and we will be packing the 40ft container in the next two weeks for shipment the first week of January 2012.  I am so excited to share your generosity with the children of Africa.

We are planning a trip in April 2012 and have lots of projects that you are encouraged to join.  Please check the donation page to see which one you might like to help with, if you can.  Keep in mind that all of us pay our own way and the trip costs $3500 each without any projects.  Each traveler for 2012 has their own donate button to make it easier to support your friends.  Any help is appreciated, but I fully realize that we each donate in our own way.  Keep in mind that even a small donation will help and it all adds up.  Please consider supporting any way you can.

Thank you all so much for everything and I wish God’s greatest blessings on each of you.  Thank you for all you do and for continuing to spread the message of hope through Little Dresses for Africa



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