All 50 States!

I just wanted everyone to know that we have received dresses or donations from ALL 50 STATES in the USA!  Welcome, South Dakota!!!!  I am so grateful to all of you and so encouraged. 

Plans continue for the Malawi 2010 trip scheduled for September, and we are getting excited.  If you have received a note from any of the team, please take a moment and drop a check in the mail to help them get there or just send it to me and tell  me what you’d like to support with your check.  I’m so humbled that the team would take their vacation time from work, get the necessary shots, travel that great distance, and work the whole two weeks for this cause!  It blows me away!  Also, the projects that we are planning to be part of are listed in “Ways to help”  and ANY donation is appreciated and will go DIRECTLY to the projects.  I am so excited to be able to bring these blessings to the people of Africa on your behalf.  Thank you for sending your gifts through me.  I am honored to be an Ambassador for this cause! 

We also have a beautiful Quilt that has been hand-stitched by a group in Saline, Michigan, and we will be offering a chance for each of you to bid on it, on line through this website.  The proceeds will go to team member, Ann Damron, whose mother is part of the quilting group who made it.   It is absolutely beautiful.  It is called   “The Comfort of Psalms”  and has beautiful psalms stiched on it and would make a beautiful wall hanging or high quality gift for a very special person.  More to follow with pictures! 

I hope you have marked your calendars for November 13, 2010 for our next big Fund Raiser when we return from Africa, which is our second anual Dinner Dance and Live Auction.  Details will follow, but this one is a definate “DON’T MISS!”   And we will certainly be ready with some beautiful items that we will pick up,while in Africa, to share with you at the Auction.

Thank you again for all you do.  I love the notes that you send.   I never tire of hearing how this mission has impacted people all across the USA.   Please continue to tell me your stories so we can share them with others. 

Love and gratitude,


M o r e   i n f o