Don’t Miss Crosscourse! Fun way to support LDFA

Hey, Little Dresses for Africa Friends, Family and Supporters!  I really want to put something in front of you that I believe in with all my heart.   Please go to  and get involved.  This amazing event is sponsored by an incredibly involved supporter whom I believe in with all I’ve got  (ok…he’s my son, but that’s not the point)  Michael Beau O’Neill will be putting on this insanely fun event that is worth coming to Michigan for if you’re not already in the area.  If you are interested in participating or volunteering, there is plenty to do.  He plans to make enough money to send a container full of supplies to the Nan Ray School of Learning and thousands and thousands of YOUR dresses and shorts.  You know I say it all the time but regardless of how adorable your dresses are, our job is not complete until they are on the backs of the children.  Get involved in this.  Run it.  Volunteer for it.  Register now and don’t forget to go to the page and “like” it.  Not just this comment, but the page.  Thank you awesome volunteers.  If you get behind this, we’ll get a container no problem.  You are the best and most committed volunteers on facebook.  I love you!  Thanks, Rachel

By the way, the incredible Metro Alive Band will be playing a concert which is included in the event and it’s worth the price of registration!  Please join us!  Please go to and get involved!


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