a couple of really neat snippets received…

Redmond, OR

Snippet: Ron and I decided to make our journey for 2015 about “Clothing the naked and helping the needy”. We set a goal of 2,015 dresses for LDFA in March. We will finish our journey on time and will continue to sew for the children. Rachel and her little helpers have made a place in many heats of people around the world. Only wish we could meet all of you.
We have been asked to help out churches and organizations sewing for LDFA who couldn’t meet their goals. Those dresses are not included in our 2,015 dresses. We were glad to help.
Seems like such a little amount in the whole scheme of things. But every dress helps.
Some have sent pictures of the children wearing our gifts of love. What a great feeling. Puts smiles on our faces and brings tears to both of us.

When we ship the boxes out in December, they will have the amount and sizes on
each box. Inside each box we put ribbons around each 25 dresses. We will put an self stamped envelope inside each box also. If there is anything else we need to know please contact us. Thanks so much for caring.
I feel like I am sending my children out into the world through each dress. Really!


From Midland, Michigan

This summer, I co-taught a large middle school Vacation Bible School class. One of our activities was to visit the Global Village at Howell Nature Center, in Howell, MI. The intro to the overnight included a piece about Little Dresses for Africa. When we returned to our VBS class, I invited the kids to think about ways they could make a difference to others in poverty. Immediately, the girls said they wanted to make dresses for Africa. Because I love to sew, this gave me the perfect opportunity to do what I love without guilt of spending too much time on a hobby. Due to schedule constraints for many of the girls, we had a core group of four (and a nanny), who joined me weekly to sew. The girls even had a bake sale to raise money for materials. When summer ended, they wanted to continue to work around their sports and school activities schedules and sew. Now that I am headed to Florida for the winter, it is time to send the dresses on. We all learned so much…how to sew (we loved the simplicity of pillowcase dresses!), how to shop economically for materials (the Salvation Army Store has beautiful pillowcases), and how to share our time and talents. We all have felt blessed by this ministry. It gave me such joy to hear them teaching one another the skills and to hear them say, “Oh, I can just see a little African girl in this dress. She will LOVE it!” Thank you for accepting our dresses, maybe not sewn with the greatest of skill but definitely with great joy and love in every stitch. May God bless you as you continue this ministry. I will be sending the dresses to you this week with photos of the sweet girls who made them (Gabby, Grace, Kate, and Kathryn). I have included three other dresses lovingly sewn by the home-bound mother-in-law of one of our (Midland First United Methodist Church) staff members. Thank you for what you do! Lovingly in the name of Christ our King! Patricia S Midland, Michigan


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