marley-3-tbd$120,000 raised at The BIG DINNER with all of your support.  The money is still coming in and we are looking forward to The BIG DINNER 2017 in October of this year.  In Detroit we will be featuring a MOTOWN night.  Start thinking of your theme now.  We have so much to do and we need to work together.  Our first project with the money raised is to build the hostel for some of the girls that Chief Katchindamoto has helped to rescue from child marriages.  Because of you they will have mattresses and pillows and blankets in a dormitory with not only plumbing but electricity so they can do they school work after their school days.  We are so delighted to be part of this and we thank YOU for making it happen!!! Don’t forget to order your beautiful video of our SEND DOWN song by ERIK GRANT BENNETT that portrays the beauty of the projects and the children put to music.  $10 pre-order and you will receive a free CD of the song for your car or cd player as well.  Let me know how many you want.  This makes a tremendous gift and introduction to the ministry.





The Official BIG DINNER T-shirt is available on line.  4 color on Vintage Black features a “Bob Marley” pose by our own Chad Dohring, our Musical Guest for the BIG DINNER- World Headquarters.  91 locations are listed on the back.  If you are hosting a BIG DINNER, you won’t want to miss getting yours!  Limited Supply.  Available in short sleeves. On line at

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