Dear Little Dresses, I am donating the enclosed eleven dresses in the name of my dear friend, Bonnie. Bonnie was killed in a pedestrian accident in November 2011. Shortly after her death, her husband Michael was kind enough to allow me to go through her workshop to search for the sewing and quilting projects I knew she was working on. I found many items and have since completed them and passed them on to the lucky persons they were designed for. Michael brought the remainder of her workshop to me during the Memorial Day weekend. I found this box in her stash. It contained the fabrics, notions, pockets and plans for the eleven dresses I have included in the package. I sewed the dresses and added a few buttons and some lace but these are all Bonnie’s designs. She planned the dresses and made the pockets and organized them in her usual superb manner. I have also included a donation in her name.
Judy in Virginia

Dear Rachel and Friends, The enclosed 42 dresses were made by Presbyterian Women in secveral church in the Cincinnatti area. They were made with love and prayers for the girls who will wear them. We also pray for your organization and volunteers. May God bles you all in the wonderful ministry to children around the world. Peace and Joy, Laura, Ohio

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