My mom, Betty Tiffany, and I introduced the mission project “Little Dresses for Africa” at our church in Corfu, NY.  It really caught my mom’s and my interest so we continued to make the dresses with a goal of making 1000 dresses.  I am including an article on our church, mom’s picture with the dresses and with her friend who is now also making the dresses.  Mom is 93 years olf and this summer she and I will be going to Zimbabwe to deliver these dresses to an orphanage.  I know you must hear from many, many hundreds of people but I thought you may be interested in Mom’s story.  She is an exceptional woman and leader in our church and continues to make the dresses with great gusto and enthusiasm.  Thank you for all you do with this mission project and we are thrilled that we can change the lives of young girls and women one dress at a time. ..Kate (and Betty) Corfu, New York 

Thank you for all you do!  I truly believe every small detail makes a huge difference int he lvies of many.  Thank you for offering this opportunity for service!

Thank you for this ministry!  God Bless you and all this ministry touches!

Enclosed are 13 little dresses that young women from our youth group at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made.  The girls, ages 12-18 really enjoyed sewing these dresses and performing service for these cute little girls in Africa.  Thank you for this opportunity.  ……Leslie

To God be the glory!  …Tami.  Camache, IA

Alverno College is a four year Catholic liberal arts college for women, founded by the School Sisters of St. Francis.  Our curriculum fosters leadership and values within the community and the world….. As part of our celebration and as a way to incorporate service into our community we dedicated our time to creating dresses for the LDFA organization.  We set a goal of sewing 125 dresses to mark the 125th college anniversary.  We you can see, we surpassed our goal.  We value what your organization is doing to make the lives better for women and girls….Mary R, Milwaukee, WI

With great pride, the Middle School girls (6th-8th grades) of First Baptist Academy in Dallas, Texas are sending to you 42 Little Dresses which they made during our Interim Term, which is a week in which students do something for missions.  Most of our girls had never sat down in front of a sewing machine before and most were very apprehensive about attempting to make a dress.  When they were done, they and our staff were very proud of their efforts…. Thank you for this fabuous mission.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help… Elaine, Dallas, Texas

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