…Please find 13 pillow case dresses that were made as a project for our Girl Scout Troop 50-104.  They had a great time doing it and felt good about helping others…  We appreciate the opportunity to help.

Cindy, Ohio

 Dear LDFA Staff,

…This is my 4th year of having the pricilege of sewing for LDFA ministry.  It has been a blessing to me to combine my love of Jesus, sewing and children in such a wonderful way.  Yes, it’s all in Jesus’ name.   sixteen of these 21 dresses were made by a local Mormon group of ladies as part of their Relief Scoiety work, after I told them about your ministry.  I was glad to make 5 dresses myself and send them all on to you.  Thank you for being used by Jesus, who in turn gives me a way to sercve Him and His children.  May God richly bless you all

Erin, New Mexico

Enclosed is a check to assist with postage


…Dear Rachel,  I am in awe of what you have accomplished.  Hope these help.  God bless you and those who work with you.

Joan,  West Bloomfield, Michigan


…Recently our daughter requested dresses and shorts for children attending a christian school near Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.  You sent her two boxes of those items which she said were lovely appearing and packed neatly…  Thank you kindly for sending those clothes to her.  We know the children will be happy to receive them.  These children’s parents work in a rock quarry breaking big rocks into smaller rocks for construction for an amount of money equal to $27 per month in our money.  It costs $15 a month for the children to go to school and receive one meal a day, which means there’s not much money for extra items.  I am enclosing a check which hopefully will cover the postage of the boxes to our daughter and a bit extra.  Thank you again.

Joan, Pasco, WA


…These dresses come to you from Haven Baptist Church, Kansas City, KY…Our prayer is that the children receiving these items will also receive the ultimate blessing of knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Thank you so much for your organization that tirelessly sends not only clothing to these precious children, but the hope and love that comes with each item.  God bless!


….Enclosed you will find 48 Little Dresses for Africa and some boys shorts.  The making of these dresses has been one of the most rewarding missions we have ever participated in.  We are a country church in West Virginia, approximately 30 miles from the state capitol of  Charleston.  We do many mission projects but this one really touches our hearts because we have several little girls in our congregation and we know the importance of a little girl feeling worthy.  God bless you.

Louise,  Red House, West Virginia




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