49 States…Looking for Delaware!

Can you believe it?  In three short years we have spread the word about Little Dresses for Africa all over the USA.  As of yesterday, we have received either little dresses, britches for boys, sewing supplies or financial donations from 49 states as well as the UK and Australia!!!!  This is an amazing and wonderful thing and it is because of people like YOU who told others and got them involved.  

africa_pol01Our original goal was to take 1000 dresses to a little Village of Ntcheu in Malawi, Central Africa.  Even this goal seemed absolutely impossible to me 3 years ago.  I remember thinking, “What have I committed to?  I can’t do this!”  And I was right!  I can’t do it, but God can and He did!   With His blessing and all of your help, we have received over 37,000 dresses and have distributed them through personal distribution, mission groups and sending them in the mail to 10 countries of Africa.  I am so proud of all of you and so genuinely humbled at your generosity!

In addition to these numbers we also know of several groups that are sending them directly with their missionaries, as well as to Haiti during their recent crisis.  The word continues to spread and your love for these children is obvious!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you who continues to do so much for this grass roots organization to make this mission successful.  100% of our work is done on a volunteer basis.  100% of the money that is sent goes to shipping supplies and associated costs.  For those who haven’t been able to be part of our work crew, in short, we open the boxes, acknowledge the receipt of them to the donor, count them, size them, package them and box them in either 14 x 14 x 14 boxes for shipping to various locations, or pack them in duffle bags for mission teams to take with them.   Each dress that comes in is beautiful in its own unique way and it’s exciting to read the notes that come with them and feel the love in each dress.  It is no accident that this ministry has been blessed when you feel the love that surrounds it.


As this group continues to grow, our need for support grows, too.  If any of you know of any grants that are available or any corporation that would like to sponsor LDFA or be in partnership with us in order to raise money, please let me know.  We are still using the money from last year’s fund raiser as well as donations that come in, but it’s getting thin.  I am convinced that God will supply our needs, but I am putting it out there in case anyone is in touch with someone who might be able to help us.  We have 60 boxes that are ready to be shipped.   Each box costs approximately $100. to ship.  We also have duffle bags that are ready to go so if your mission group would be willing to take some on their next trip to distribute, please let me know.   This is the best way to get them directly to the children at the lowest cost.

We are in the process of forming a team to go to Malawi in September.  Malawi is difficult to get to and that is one of the reasons they don’t get much help.  If you’d like to contribute to the costs of the projects for this trip, please indicate that on your tax- deductible check made out to Little Dresses for Africa. I’d like to raise $5000. this summer to cover the costs of the projects.  This money will cover such things as  feeding over 1000 kids a day, working in the orphanages and visiting the patients suffering from AIDS to teach and encourage them in the name of Jesus.  We also need money to rent a van, gasoline, translators, and the on going projects at our host location, Ministry of Hope.  The team that goes pays their own travel , lodging and food costs, uses their vacation time from work and comes home absolutely exhausted but exhilerated.   Any money that we receive will be distributed through the general fund to reduce the costs of the team on these general items unless specifically noted for an individual. 

If you have fund raising ideas, let me know and I’ll help get the word out.  If we each do a little bit, this could be really easy.  I’m excited to see what God will do with this.

Thank you so much.  I love you all and I am so grateful for your generous and willing hearts.  By the way, does anyone know anybody in Delaware?  🙂 

Love, Rachel

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