Dresses arrive in time for Christmas!

Hope you are all doing well!

Thank you very MUCH for the two LDFA boxes we have received from you.
We are grateful to the Lord who protected this shipment and you for
your love, sacrife and prayer untill we get the packages safe.

We have decided to distribute our packages during Christmas event as
we are close to the celebration. We will let you know about our

Thanks and Blessings to you all!

Dear Camille and your group. I hope both of you are OK.

I ask excuse for beeing late to give you information that I reseave your nice and big gift to our children they are 120 class a A. B. C Kindergarden three Srs are teaching. the graduate next month are 30 I will give that gift for you i will tell them come from you i will make photo i will send to you. they will be very happy expecial my Superio has now gift to give them .age 3 yrs to 7 yrs are going Standard one thank you may God bless you. Sister Lidwina.

Hi Ladies. Just wanted to let you know that your pillowcase dresses made it safely to Ethiopia with my husband, along with 89 sanitary pads we were able to make. We were not familiar with the laws down there and did not know we needed a letter in order to get the items into the country free, so he had to pay $100.00 to get them there, but he really didn’t mind. The ladies in charge of the Strong Heart ministry in Ethiopia loved the dresses. They did not give them out as they wanted to save them to give out as Christmas presents. It was a lot of fun making the pads and being able to help. I’m so glad I saw the article in the Southeast Outlook. Thank you for giving ME the opportunity to help.



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