The networking of what happens out of 1908 Heriford Rd. is amazing. Think on
this! Twenty-five folks donated used sewing machines and Jim Sandfry
palletized and sent them to the state prison in Walla Walla, WA. Prisoners
there rebuilt the machines and learned to sew. A bunch of folks around
Carthage, MO donated two big boxes of pillow cases. Leggett and Platt, of
Carthage, shipped them here and we will add notions, etc. and send them on
to Walla Walla.

The prisoners will make creative and lovely “Pillow Case Dresses” of
them, which will then go to little girls in Nicaragua via Rainbow Network.

“If you do a good thing, and do it well, and let folks know about it,
good people want to help.”

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