Houston Help

Some of our precious ladies are not only sewing but finding ways to get the dresses to the children through their churches. Thank you, Jo, from Houston!

This is Jo Wells in Houston. I just got this one. I just had to share it
with you. This is priceless. This church is my outlet to get these over
I am so excited. I am
going to try and post on face book.
God Bless You for your vision.
Jo Wells

Here is a photo of the little girls. Now, they are wearing their school
uniforms underneath, but that was because they were at school! Our trip
leader has lots more pictures, but he just came back to work this morning,
so he has a lot to sort out. Thanks so much, you are a blessing to so many people that you will never
even get to see. Until Heaven, that is! 🙂

B.J. Massa

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