Dear Little Dresses for Africa!  We love your project and concept!  Please accept these with our appreciation for your efforts to help others!

Carl’s Book Group

LaJolla, CA

Hey!  I’m Kristin and I did this for a Valve Project.  I and a few friends sewed together a total of 14.  I hope i was able to help your program.  I really enjoyed doing this.  Your group is making a change in the world.  It starts with one!  Thanks,

Clinton, WA

Enclosed ar 100 dresses made by the women of four churches in Manmouth Presbytery.  Belmar, Brick, Freehold and Manasquan.  Several sewing days were held as well as women sewing at home.  it was an enjoyable project.

In His love,


Brick Presbyterian Church

Please accept these dresses from my company to send hope to the little girls of AFrica.  Being an African-American woman, it’s good to give back when you have been so blessed.


Deer Park, New York

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