…I just love making these little dresses and imagine a little girl wearing every one that I make.  I retired a few years ago, and I am having to keep myself busy to keep from going stir crazy.  I am also addicted to machine embroidery, so this feeds my addiction!!!  Please let me know if you’ve ever had enough, otherwise, I will keep them coming as long as I can.  I think what you are doing is fantastic!


Anchorage, Alaska

Just a note to thank you for all that you do through your ministry.  The world is a better place because of it.  Please kow there will be more dresses and britches coming since I am now retired.  God bless you and your wonder arm of volunteers.



Cincinnati, OH

Dear Little Dresses for Africa Staff

We have been so excited about LDFA!  Here are the dresses our church family made!  We hope they are perfect for the little ladies who wear them!

May God bless you richly!


Enterprise, AL


This was my first semesteras the sewing instructor for HomeSchool Network, located in Joplin, Missouri.  the classes container children from the 5th through 12th grades.  I found out about LDFA while searching the internet for sewing projects.  It was a little difficult finding projects that all of the age groups would be excited about, but when I suggested this project to my students, they immediately loved the idea.  I am really proud of the effort they put into these dresses.  They are not perfect but they are sewn with love.


Joplin, MO

Dear Rachel,

Though I can’t sew, cut straight, or iron less wringkle, the Holy Spirit moved and brought people who can.  Now, we have a sewing ministry in the church.  Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to us. I am thanking God for this blessings!



To Whom It May Concern,

My daughter, Jean, lives with me..  I’m 86 years old.  I sent my dresses by my sister’s son in law and his wife who are missionaries in Africa when they came visiting.


Augusta, ME

I hokpe the girls enjoy these dresses.  Collecting the pillowcases and making the dresses were part of my personal project for Lamar High school in Houston, TX.  I am a sophmore there. ..This has been a very satisfying project for me to undertake.


Houston, Texas

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