I saw you on Brian Williams News cast about your story, “Making a Difference”. I got the information and decided, “I can do that!” I have made 20 dresses. I also included underwear and a few head pieces for the girls. Enclosed are also shorts for the boys. Our church has been involved in helping build a community center and support for the people of Malawi. We have been blessed and wanted to be able to bless these people in some small way. Blessings to you on your “Making A Difference”

You have inspired me to get a group of women to sew dresses and buy shorts and t-shirts. I just came back from Haiti and we took over 200 dresses and some boys clothes to Limbe. We helped at an orphanage for a week. You have blessed my life with a greater purpose. May God richly bless your work! Blessings,
Saskatchewan, Canada

To a little girl on this big round world!
Putnam Valley, NY

Thank you for this unique ministry and wonderful opportunity to make these sundresses for little girls in need of something special. This was a project for four teenage girls learning how to sew. They thoroughly enjoyed making the sun dresss and are convinced they will one day make them for their own little girls, Lord willing. We pray the Lord will bless and keep the four precious girls who receive them. The dresses ar all individually marked.
God bless

I am so proud to be able to send our 4th shipment of dresses. There are only two sewers in our MNU group. We started July 2010 as soon as we saw Rachel on sewing with Nancy show. This will make 985 dresses and 175 pairs of little pairs of boy shorts in a year for us. God has blessed us so much. Outsiders have given material like you wouldn’t believe.
…Love doing this for these title girls and boys. We pray over each dress as we sew and then have a special prayer at church before we mail them.
Love what you’re doing. Keep it up.
Bobbie and Kitty
Blenheim, SC

My prayers are with you on this spring day and every day. Thank you of being there for the people of Africa and for those of us who have a need to do something for someone and have found ourselves useful.

Enclosed please find the 32 dresses I have made for the little girls in Africa or Haiti. I read about your organization on the internet and throughout making the dresses would be a great way to utilize fabrics and trims I already had sitting unused. I had so much fun making them that I even used my Christmas gift cards from my local fabric store to purchase additional fabrics.

Ballston, New York

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