Freedom Outreach International
We are back in the the capital city of Juba. We returned form the bush this morning. About an hour ago we were meeting in the Ministry of Interior and sharing with the Deputy Minister of Interior, who is from the area of Lietnhom. He was so moved by the dresses that we were able to deliver to the beautiful children of his home town. Once again Rachel thanks for your …support and I know that you already know this but I want to say it again. Your contribution to our mission has impacted so many lives. The children are so happy and smiles abound……….but even more important is the people are being led to a relationship with Jesus Christ because of the love that is being shown to them. They are asking why do we come so far to help and when the local pastors tell them it is because of the love of Jesus in our hearts they say that it proves Christianity is real and it blows away the religion and rituals. Thanks again Rachel!!!

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