…I pray that you have a good year…   I enjoy sewing and that is about all I can do.  Whenyou get to be 80 years old my body does not work like it used to.  Thank you for letting me sew dresses and send them to you.



Our ministry continues to thank the Lord for all that Little Dresses for Africa is doing in combating poverty and showing the love of Christ to kids and pupils across the world.  As ealier indicated, we reached more than 200 children in four schools and seven churches in the region.  Little Dresses have created hope and confidence and more children are very interested to have theirs. 

Thank you very much and may the Lord continue to bless your vision for His glory

Pastor Evang Kniyen Afoni

Kumbo Bible Center

Cameroon, West Africa

I saw the followup of Brian Williams on the Nightly News.  You have to be thrilled by the response you received.  Personally, in light of the turmoil in the world today, it is heart warming to see that there are so many kind and carin gpeople around and I am happy to be part of it.  I’m so glad I found you.  May you continue to grow. 

All the best, Sandy D

First of all, let me congratulate you on the success of this wonderful charity.  I recently saw on “NBC Nightly News” that over 500,000 dresses have been shipped to Africa.  I first learned of this project on the same news program about a year ago.  I have told many women about this project and showed them the dresses I made. ..

I am enclosing the dresses I made with lots of love.  It was a true pleasure to select the bright print fabrics.. colors that I thought the little girls would enjoy.  I will continue to sew and send more to you as I complete my next bunch.

Thank you so much for what you have organized.

Sue A

St. Charles, MO

To the LDFA Angels,

I am very happy to make a donation of 24 little dresses and a check to offset the delivery.

Last year, I was the victim of fraud and identity theft that resulted in my losing everything.  It has been a horrible time in my life.  I got to the point that I wanted-needed- to do something bigger than me…something that would benefit someone less fortunate than me.  I knew about your charity and thought this was just the project.

…every piece was sewn with love and dedicated to those people in my life who have helped me and shown me kindness.


Port Townsend, WA

Thank you for letting me make these dresses. it was fun to imagine where they will end up.  thank you for seeing a need of others and putting this effort together.

It was a fun project for me.

Sue L

Colorado Springs, CO

Our prayers are with you and we hope each trip you take is a safe one.  May our Lord continue to bless you and this ministry


Duncan, GA

Enclosed is a donation of $40 to help cover costs of sending some little dresses to Africa.  We recently sent 60 more completed dresses.  We are really having a great time with this project and plan to make at least another 50.  We’d love to send some to Haiti if that is possible.  Thank you to you and your staff with this project.


Indiana, PA

I first heard of your organization on the NBC News a year ago.  I just saw an update the other night.  I am so happy (thrilled actually) to be sending my little dresses to join the thousands of others, especially made for the precious little girls for Africa.

Carol F

 Tucson, AZ

M o r e   i n f o