The women at our church and in our community have been so excited to sew and provide dresses for the precious girls. We just had a mission team from our church travel to Haiti to help the children at a school that we support. The children loved the 110 dresses we sent. God is amazing! Since June we have made about 260 dresses. Several of the women are 85+ years old. They LOVE the purpose that they have… to serve God, His children and of course, use up old fabric that they have had for years!!
Thank you for this ministry!

From Uganda

I have the pleasure to write to you at this time of the year to wish you a Happy Christmas and a fevourable New Year in whatever you put your hands on!
May Almighty God continue to protect you and crown your efforts!!
Your,s respectifuly
Joseph Nsubuga
Easy Speak Association

We have had a visit from our two dear friends Jen Ludlum and Sue Rehmus, previously from Michigan, now living in Atlanta. They brought with them well over 200 little dresses made by you and your incredible volunteers. We took some pictures which they will be sending to you, but Sr Ethel wanted to say thank you in the meantime. She was absolutely blown away by the gorgeous dresses, and especially by the attention to detail they had! One can really feel the love that went into making each of those dresses. We distributed to a few girls who were absolutely thrilled with their new dresses! That afternoon I heard one mommy complimenting another on her daughter’s beautiful dress, and when I looked – sure enough it was one of yours! We have kept some dresses aside to be distributed as Christmas gifts on the 15th of December this year. This is a very special day! On this day we are open only to children, Santa Clause comes and each child goes home with a present and a sweety. We play Christmas carols, we all dress up, ring bells and decorate the Centre from top to bottom! It is wonderful and we are so looking forward to having such lovely presents to give this year.

Thank you so much to you, for initiating such a wonderful project, and to all the talented ladies who are sewing so selflessly. May God’s richest blessings be with you all.

With love and gratitude from Sr Ethel and all at Missionvale Care Centre

Linda van Oudheusden
Missionvale Care Centre

Hi Rachel,
I hope all is going well with you. Here is a photo we recently received from Mike in Kimilili, Kenya, showing a group of children receiving clothes from the 2nd batch that were received there a few weeks ago. He plans to distribute them at many different places and events over the Christmas season as part of his children’s ministry.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! You are such a blessing,
Love, Shirley

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