I just had to tell you that Julie  from Pennsylvania, with a Medical Missions team, just passed out dresses in Haiti that Gina and I had made and sent to her. We got 70 dresses made for her October trip where they were holding a VBS class for all the kids in this certain place. The boys were not left out either, as they received gift bags from Julie’s group. Julie wrote on Gina’s Facebook: Thanks Gina 🙂 I just had my first chance to sit down this evening here in Haiti. I hope to get some pictures loaded soon, but if not, for sure when I return.

“YOUR dresses were so absolutely PERFECT and wonderful! We weren’t sure exactly how many girls we would have, but God knew. He took care of it and we had just the right number AND SIZE for each girl there. They were so patient as we fit each one and tied them to look so pretty and I have videos I will share with you. They LOVED THEM! 🙂 My husband said, “It shouldn’t, but it blows my mind, that God worked it out so perfect”! Then he smilingly said, (speaking to ME – HaHa) “Especially when YOU screw up some of the dresses sometimes” LOL – (I’m not as good a seamstress as Gina is.) I said, “I told you, Mitch, when that dress started out a size 12, then a 5, and ended up being a size 3……. I said, Some Little Girl (I don’t know who but God does) needed this to be a size 3 !” So I have decided that from now on, when I mess up, I’ll NOT say “the devil made me mess up” but rather “God wanted it this way”! ”

That’s amazing that God directed not only the number of dresses but the sizes also. Makes you so proud to be a small part of all this. I’m so glad YOU started Little Dresses for Africa and that Gina found you! And it shows God is using whatever we can provide for His use. He uses every bit with none left over and yet it’s just the right amount –

AMAZING! God Bless, Joey in Mississippi

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